Kanbanize for Android is an application which allows you to access the projects and boards you have with your Kanbanize account via your Android phone. With this app you can: view, create, update, delete and move cards.


The app can be downloaded from Google play.


As an update to this article, there is also an iOS Kanbanize App for all users on-the-go, anywhere.

Download it from the App Store here.

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5 thoughts on “Kanbanize Goes Android

  1. Valeriy Kozlov

    Hi guys,
    We use your system in several departments across our organization. I tried to install and mobile app, but I cannot login. Does it mean that premium accounts are not supported in mobile app?

    1. Nicky Todorov

      Hi Valeriy,

      We do support the premium accounts as well. You should just configure the application in order to log-in. Please contact us at office (at) kanbanize.com with the version of your application (iOS or Android) and we will get back to you with the exact steps.


    1. Monica Georgieff

      Hi John,
      There are some apps created by third parties that service Windows Phones.
      This is one we are aware of: http://windowsphoneapk.com/APK_Kanbanize_Windows-Phone.html
      However, we cannot guarantee for quality or source because third parties are involved. Kanbanize makes the iOS in house and we own one of the Android apps available, but do not stand behind the options for Windows phone. Hope this helps and apologies about the delayed response!




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