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A lot of users have asked for hotkeys in Kanbanize that help us get things done faster, simply using our keyboards. Below is a list of all the key combinations that can be used to trigger certain actions on your Kanbanize board:

Alt+Shift+a – expand archive (hit again to collapse)

Alt+Shift+b – expand backlog (hit again to collapse)

Alt+Shift+c – will collapse all columns and swimlanes and hide the cards on the board in their respective cells

Alt+Shift+e – will expand all columns and swimlanes to reveal the cards within.

Alt+Shift+h – hide completed subtasks (only if subtasks are visible per row)

*Note: The command for a swift and mouse-free log out from your account is triggered by (Alt+Shift+l).

Alt+Shift+m – hide all fields that are visible per row (subtasks, size, tag, custom fields, etc.)

Alt+Shift+n – create new task

Happy Kanbanizing!


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2 thoughts on “Kanbanize Hotkeys

  1. Josh

    There really should be separate hot keys to collapse/expand the columns and the swimlanes, why would you guys think everyone always wants to do both together?


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