At Kanbanize, we’ve always said that Kanban is much more than “sticky notes on a wall”. That’s why our goal has always been to build a product that’s not just the next tool for moving cards from left to right on a whiteboard.  

We aim to enable true agility in companies by helping them: 

  1. Optimize workflows and deliver faster 
  2. Gain visibility across projects, products, and portfolios
  3. Connect strategy with execution.  

These three pillars characterize the Kanbanize software and what it stands for. Combining them helps organizations achieve resilience and survivability in today’s volatile business environment.  

But, how do Kanbanize’s product capabilities enable you to optimize delivery processes, gain unmatched visibility over work portfolios, and bridge the gap between strategy and execution? 

Our mission is to discover new management ways and share this knowledge through amazingly powerful tools. That’s why, as part of this mission, we’ve decided to package the evolution of the product over the years and present it to you by portraying the Kanbanize pillars in a visual way.  

If you are interested, take a seat and let us guide you through our universe. 

Pillar #1: Optimize Delivery Workflows and Deliver Faster

Our slogan is “There is always a better way”. And we really mean that! Agile is all about evolution and continuous improvement.  

The same thing applies to work processes. We believe there’s no magic bullet to delivering work faster so you can satisfy your customers. Instead, it is about developing a mindset focused on continuously optimizing delivery workflows through small incremental and evolutionary changes. 

This is our product’s first pillar. To portray it in a visual manner, we’ve prepared a dedicated overview video where you’ll get a glimpse of:  

  • How to visualize work on a Kanban board? 
  • How to manage dependencies between teams? 
  • How to track service level expectations? 
  • How to automate processes? 
  • How to analyze team performance?… and more.

Pillar #2: Gain Visibility Across Projects, Products, and Portfolios

One of the beauties of the Kanban method is that it scales naturally across the entire organization. 

Achieving transparency not just across teams but on the higher management level, too is one of the drivers of agility. It allows you to stay aware of all moving parts on large work deliverables (initiatives or projects), so you can quickly spot problems and track high-level dependencies. When you combine those capabilities with workflow optimization, you can build connected systems and improve the entire value delivery process.  

That’s why the second pillar of Kanbanize is all about enabling organizations to scale visibility across management levels. In the video below we show you how to:

  • Visualize initiatives, projects, product portfolios, or any other large piece of work on management boards; 
  • Connect them to team boards; 
  • Understand the hierarchy of your work items; 
  • Manage dependencies between initiatives, and more.  

Pillar #3: Connect Strategy with Execution 

Finally, how do we connect everything together?  

Bridging the gap between strategic plans and execution is a big challenge for project managers. However, this is where true business agility comes from. That’s because accomplishing it means achieving the ability to quickly adapt to changes and make the right decisions based on actual data.  

That being said, the last video from the series shows you how to:

  • Forecast initiatives based on past delivery data; 
  • Automatically track the progress of all large work items; 
  • Visualize issues and delays; 
  • Connect strategic initiatives, mid-level projects, individual work items, etc.; 
  • … and more 

Next Step: Explore the Full Capabilities of Kanbanize! 

We know this is probably a lot of information, but keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  As much as we want to explain what the product can do for you, we know that different companies have different needs. 

That’s why the best way to explore Kanbanize’s full capabilities is to actually test it yourself. So don’t hesitate and start your free 14-day trial or request a demo session if you want to see more of Kanbanize in action!

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