Recent surveys show, that one of the most inefficient areas in your organization is the regular meetings. Especially the ones on the Management Levels (CEOs, VPs, Senior Management). That time is the most expensive and valuable and adding the extra preparation effort of collecting KPIs and Metrics, deviate you even further from spending true time to bring value to your core business. Don’t get me wrong, those regular sync meetings are important and crucial for your organization, but they could be held to be way more effective.

There are many techniques, advices, best practices and so on, giving you hints how to have productive and efficient meetings. Knowing all those tricks and being able to successfully apply them is something else. Having a meeting is like a small process / workflow and here comes Kanbanize to guide you and help you how to run your meetings efficiently:

I. The setup of the meeting: structure, agenda and participants.

The most common problem is that you have too much of everything. You need to put (WIP) limits, literally everywhere:
– Limit your agenda. Better have few topics, meet the expectations and finish earlier, rather than lengthen the meeting, leave disappointed and have left over items.
– Limit – Timebox your meetings to the minute (30min, 45min or 60min at maximum). On average, people are focused only 18min, then you need a break. Usually it’s a mental one during the meeting, so why bother having long meetings when the participants are physically there, but mentally away.
– Limit the number of participants. On average every extra person after the 7th, brings down with 10% the efficiency of decision making.
– Limit and tackle one topic at a time, don’t jump between items and push the one in progress for a done state with minimum Cycle Time in discussions.

Here is how you could use a Kanbanize Board to execute that:
Meeting Agenda

II. Separate the Operational from the Strategy (Desicion) meetings.

– When having your stand ups and ops meetings, take a look at the board and focus there. The workflow is the most important topic from your agenda.
– For you strategic and high management level meetings try to get the KPIs working out for you automatically. If you have set your processes right, using the Kanbanize analytics module you will get all the figures you need right away. No time wasted on collecting metrics.

III. Prioritize High-Value items.

That’s one of the core Lean principles and it’s so true for your meeting’s agenda. Use colors, tasks order, type, so many fields and options Kanbanize could provide to you, so you could better define your meeting value stream.

Let’s stop here! Apply those 3 rules into your Kanbanize meetings and check your efficiency. Then we will improve more.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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