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Release 5.1 is here and with it comes another visual enhancement that can help your team practice Kanban optimally and identify waste in your process.

As of this month, you will be able to categorize the columns on your boards as a queue or activity. What does this mean? By adding a yellow tab to the corner of the top of your column, you will be able to differentiate between, what Lean refers to as, queues in your process and value-adding activities. 

All columns where cards are being worked on should be marked as ACTIVITY. For example, “Coding” is, by all means, an activity column.

All columns where cards are waiting and no action is being performed should be marked as QUEUE. For example, a “Ready for Review” column is a queue. On your boards, the queue columns are those in which cards enter faster than the working team can process them, thus increasing the cycle time of the tasks in the column and creating waste.

To label a column with a yellow tab marker, use the Edit Board settings menu accessible from within each of your individual boards in Kanbanize.


Enter the gear settings menu of a yet undefined column and select its type as Queue or Activity from the configuration panel.


Save your selection and return to your Kanban board to see the resulting visualization.

If you defined the column as a Queue, the column’s upper right corner will be marked yellow and hovering over it will produce a tool tip to explain its role as queue to remind your teams that their cards should not linger longer than necessary in this particular column.


These types are aimed to set up a better navigation through your boards and will warn the teams working with them about potential bottlenecks created by cards piling up in a given column.

Happy Kanbanizing!


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