Lean Kanban Global Summit North America 2019

With The Lean Kanban Global Summit 2019 in North America just around the corner, we have some exciting news to share. We are happy to announce that Kanbanize will be one of the Title sponsors for the event which takes place between May 13-17 in Alexandria, Virginia (North America)!

As main sponsors, our company is happy to provide you with a special offer. Now, you can use the promo code: “Kanbanize20” on http://lkna19.leankanban.com/register/ and get 20% discount off the price of any 2 or 3-day registrations!

What is Lean Kanban Global Summit?

Having its beginning in 2009, LeanKanban North America is a series of events that feature the current state of the Kanban world, the latest trends in the industry as well as many different tips and strategies that you can apply right away.

The main goal of the conference each year is to make real difference and offer clear guidance that can be used for achieving immediate improvements in any organization.

What to Expect from the Event in 2019?

Transforming its name from “Kanban Week” to “Lean Kanban Global Summit”, the event remains one week-long and includes the Lean Kanban North America conference plus the Kanban Leadership Retreat. However, there are some important changes that need to be mentioned.

This year, two of the tracks of the LKNA conference will be “Learning Labs” which represent sessions for both “core” Kanban guidances as well as more advanced topics. The third part will present a mixture of real-world case studies, applicable techniques and Lightning Talks. Other formats include workshops, coaching clinics, innovation talks, games, etc.

More specifically, our CEO at Kanbanize – Dimitar Karaivanov will hold a workshop together with Andreas Bartel – Kanban Coach for Lotto 24 AG, on the topic of “Portfolio Management with Kanban”. In it, you will learn how Kanban helps you manage your portfolio through visualization, explicit policies and collaboration so you can achieve an improvement in your decision making process. For more information about the workshop and its topic, look for the link in the “Speakers” section.

The main goal of the conference this year is to provide better access to international Kanban leaders so every attendant can build valuable and long-lasting relationships with them.

That’s why, you shouldn’t miss the “Kanban Leadership Retreat” too which is a gathering of the world’s best Kanban practitioners where participants can bring up their ideas and discuss them collaboratively.


The Kanban Global Summit aims to bring together the leading Kanban experts from around the world and make them fully accessible to every single participant. This year, it’s no different. Get to know some of the speakers as well as their presentations, talks, workshops below:

See you at The Lean Kanban Global Summit!

By attending the event, you will learn the current Kanban best practices so you can apply them and transform your organization straight away. You will also get the benefit of individual attention so you can bring up your specific workplace concerns and see them solved at the end of The Lean Kanban Global Summit 2019!

Use the promo code: “Kanbanize20” now and come hang out with us at The Lean Kanban Global Summit 2019! We look forward to seeing you there!