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Hello fellow consultants, engineers, lawyers or simply anyone who is billable by the hour.

We are well aware of how important it is to properly track your time – how many minutes and hours each activity takes, where you spend your time and doing what. This is the metric that is converted to cash at the end of the day and you need to pay close attention to it. The more accurate it is, the more precise and justifiable your spent time is.

In order to make this task as easy as possible, we focus on providing a way to instantly log your time in Kanbanize. As soon as you do that, your timesheet will become more detailed and accurate. Click on the card menu of any Kanban card in the system and select the Log Time option. Here, you can manually log time for subtasks or the task at large every time you work on it.


Often, once your brain gets into a flow (link), it is very common to forget what time you have logged for this or that activity. As a result, you end up with more time or less time compared to what you have actually spent. Each month to week, you spend extra effort on starting a small, but tedious investigation through logs, history, reports and tasks details, to find out where there  might be discrepancies in log time. Following the Lean principles, we believe the process of correcting inaccuracy can be corrected before it even appears.

In order to achieve that, we provide a better and easier way to track the logged time of each user. With a single glance at the board or one click away in your “My Worklog” panel, you can check how much time was logged on each tasks or how much you have accumulated for today, yesterday, this week, last week and so on.

kanban worklog

Click on an item from “My Queue” and you will get a smooth positioning to the actual card on board. With the proper view board settings on the card to show the logged time, you can instantly see how much of your effort went into a given task.

To generate larger reports from your account’s logged time, watch our dedicated video about the Reports feature in Kanbanize and how you can generate these in your team. 

You can also log time for your tasks using the Kanbanize mobile apps. Find out more about this here.


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3 thoughts on “Less Time Tracking your Time with My Worklog

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  2. tushar

    Hi, thank you for this post I agree with you that We are well aware of how important it is to properly track your time – how many minutes and hours each activity takes, where you spend your time and doing what. very useful information

    1. Monica Georgieff

      Hey Tushar,

      we’re glad you enjoyed the post! Are you having success tracking your time? Is this approach working for you?
      We’d love to know more about your team and how things are going.

      Happy New Year,



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