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How is the new Main Dashboard like your command center?

For release 4.19, our team undertook a hefty overhaul of the previous design of the Main Dashboards and added a number of new functions to make it a user-friendly, information radiator to make sure every session in Kanbanize begins on the right track.

Kanbanize New Dashboard

In the face of the widgets, we saw a place to put our preferred tools for forming our initial hypotheses.

In the face of the resource links, we saw an opportunity to make answers to your questions as accessible as possible.

In the face of the projects and boards filter, we recognized an effortless navigation to help us move between each important undertaking.

In the face of the retractable additions button, we saw an opportunity to reduce clutter and keep two of the most vital actions, namely adding a new project and viewing reports, under the same roof.

Navigating to Add New Projects and Viewing Reports

Starting a new project and generating reports to analyze your progress can be two of the most exciting parts of working with your team in Kanbanize. The new retractable additions button in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard reduces clutter and collects the Add New Project and View Reports functions in one recognizable place in the software. Just clicking on the + sign will elegantly produce two new buttons for Add New Project and View Reports.

Using the new Project and Board Filter in the Dashboard

If you’re administrating or working on many boards, the new filter added to the Main Dashboards will make navigating between them effortless. Simply type in the keyword in the title of the project or board you’re searching and the dashboard will adapt to your search. If you’re searching for more than one term and want to view a list of projects and boards related to a cluster of keywords, type in each term separated by a space or a comma and the dashboard will immediately generate the desired results.

What’s more? The filter will save your search so even when you refresh, your view will remain uncluttered by projects and boards you are not focusing on right now and show you only those you have explicitly defined. Deleting the search terms will reveal the list of projects and boards in full.

User Guides, Case Studies & other resources at your fingertips

The new Main Dashboard features links to the User Guides, Case Studies and Kanban Library sections of These valuable resources can be your team’s go-to place for any questions about using the system, a way to explore the topic of Kanban and Lean further or to get to know the various industries in which Kanban is being implemented. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and/or recommend an addition to our resources section.

Our plans for the future of the Main Dashboard

If you’ve already had a chance to explore the redesign of the main dashboard, you might have noticed the placeholder for the custom widgets that we are about to implement with our next release. We need your feedback to know where to start, so don’t hesitate, but click on that image and share your feedback. Thank you in advance!

Happy Kanbanizing!

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