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How can managing block types in Kanbanize help your team ?

Why do some cards get Blocked? According to the principles of Kanban, it is because the card is flagged as problematic and it needs the entire team’s attention to be solved and continue moving to the right of the board. In other words, to continue progressing. But let’s get specific – there are many types of block reasons you should be able to analyze. That’s why we introduced the ability to list, select and manage the most common block reasons on your board!

kanban blocker

How to make the best use of block types on your boards?

Check out the screenshots below about how to start using the types of block reason to boost your collaboration.

First of all, only block a card from its card menu in order to indicate that something is hindering its process and needs the attention of the entire team.


Using the setting gear menu, start adding to the list of common block reasons for cards on that board. These accumulate on a per board level.


Click the Add New Block Reason in order to add to the predefined list.


Take advantage of the ability to edit and delete Block Reasons to keep your list updated.


After adding the relevant block reasons, you can select from a drop down list of the entries you have generated. What does that mean for you? No more having to type in a unique block reason every time. It’s more than just a time saver, it’s a powerful tool for getting information from the most frequent issues holding your cards back.


If a card has already been blocked and a reason has been given, use the same navigation to edit the reason or unblock the card entirely.

edit block reason

Keep Kanbanizing and resolving those blocked cards!

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2 thoughts on “Manage Block Reasons in your Project

    1. Monica Georgieff Post author

      Hi Chris,

      Currently, the analytics you can get from blocked reason at the moment are available when you enter a specific board in your account, click on Open Analytics and then the tab Block Resolution time. In this graph, different Block Reasons will be represented by different colours on the bar graph. On our roadmap are more ways to integrate the new block reasons management into analytics and reports and we will make sure to let you know when they are ready!


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