This is an archived page. Since this article was first published, some features and interface elements have been changed. Please, visit our Knowledge Base for an updated version.

Kanbanize supports the custom creation of task types and templates. Types are used to categorize work, e.g. “Defect”, “Customer Request”, “Meeting”, etc. Templates are used to quickly create complex task structures with predefined attributes and subtasks. All types and templates are added and created on a per project basis.

To create or edit types and templates, access the set up panels for each in the Project Settings menu:

rename kanban projects

The Types panel allows you to categorize your tasks in a visual way and give them icons corresponding to the character of the work item.


The Templates set up area of the Project settings allow you to create templates based on the way the work item attributes will be structured.


Assign templates and types to your cards from within the card itself.

For more information on Types and Templates, check the dedicated article in our User Guides.

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