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Kanbanize has a very powerful and extremely flexible permissions scheme. Administrators of an account will have access to an Administration Panel where they control the roles, permissions, board assignees, the setting up of runtime policies and other important functions on the board.

The Administration Panel is located in the main Kanbanize banner menu.


In the User Roles tab, administrators can manage the access of the users in the account.


To structure the parameters of a new role in the account, one must continue through to the set up panel via the Add new role dedicated button.



Using the new panel, Administrators have flexible choice about Task Permissions, Allowed Action and Board Permissions which will define the new role.


After creating the new role with the required parameters, continue to the Board Assignees tab in the Administration Panel in order to link the new role to the desired user or users in the system.


Choose a board you would like to manage and either direct yourself to the list of users already assigned to it or assign new users and proceed from there. Once added, users will need to take on a role which will define their permissions on the board.

*Users may have different permissions for different boards depending on their role in the process.

Using the dropdown in the user management gear menu, the administrators can select which role they would like to assign to the particular user in regards to that board.


Happy Kanbanizing!

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