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How can @Mentions in Kanbanize help your team?

The @ mention symbol shouldn’t live just on social media. Over the last couple of months, we found that many of our users, in-house at Kanbanize HQ and beyond agreed with us on that point. That’s why we decided to add the ability to mention any user in a given account using the @theirname in the description or comments of a card. You can use it to get one of your team members’ attention about something that might concern them or get some input from them about something they might be better equipped to answer. This type of reference can be used throughout the account even if the user is not linked to that particular board. It is a fantastic collaboration tool that can build temporary bridges between boards and projects so that everyone has a view of exactly where they are needed at a given time. We’re putting the @ symbol to good work in Kanbanize 4.11!

How to make the best use of mentioning your team members?

Check out the screenshots below about how to start using mentions to boost your collaboration.

You can mention anyone in the account using the familiar @ symbol followed by their name. For example, @helen will follow up with that. 


Mentions work in the context of the description and the comments of any task card on any board.


When mentioned, the user helen will receive a notification by e-mail with the location where their @name has appeared, in all cases. If helen has access to the board where the mention happened, she can view the information in the card and get an additional notification in Kanbanize about the mention itself.


If helen has been mentioned on a board that she is not part of, she will receive only the e-mail notification with the task id and its location in the account. She will be able to see only the content of the comment and must request access to the board where it appears to see the full conversation. Things get even more interesting if you have your e-mail integration set up. With e-mail integration, a notification about a mention to your e-mail becomes an actionable message that allows you to respond directly to a reply e-mail. This reply will be chronicled in the comments of the card in which you were mentioned. That way, you can stay on top of the conversation as it’s happening directly through e-mail wherever you are.


The @ is a call to action. Use it to keep everyone in the loop and actively giving their input on relevant matters. Keep Kanbanizing!

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