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One of the most common use case scenarios in your daily work is locating and tracking different tasks. Having more cards on your board will inevitably lead to spending more time gazing into different tasks in order to find out the right ones. We believe that even with many tasks, columns and swim-lanes one should be able to navigate and locate the required information with the same speed as if there were only a few cards.


As a result of our research on the users behavior, we refactored our filter into a side board panel, where you could quite easily filter your board view and change your criteria on the go.

The most commonly used fields to use the filter are:

– Keyword in the title, assignee, id or tag;

Just type it in the first row with auto focus and the board will be filtered instantly. Using the left and right arrow keys will position you to the next occurrence of the results.

– Assignee (is / is not);

– Deadline (is / is between);

– Priority (is / is not);

– Color (is / is not);

– Size (is equal / not equal to, grater / lesser than);

– Type (is / is not);

– Blocked (is / is not);

– Watched by;

– Attachments (are / are not) present;

The small green enabler on the right of each field will color the area indicating when it is switched on/off for the particular criterion.

Important: The filter is applied only over the viewable area of your board. Tasks in collapsed columns and swim-lanes are ignored. At the moment you expand a column or a swim-lane, the filter will be applied over the tasks located there.

Valuable and important information is to know when a filter is applied over your board. You could check this by the green text on the top right of your board. It is showing the number of filtered cards compared to the total number of cards you have.



4.1_reset_advancedAnother very practical and easy to handle option is to reset your filter and switch between basic and advanced criteria list. You could do this at the bottom of your filter panel or just reset your filter from the top summary label.


On the right hand side of the board, at your fingertips, we provide the possibility to view the most important information next to your tasks, like My Queue and Worklog or the Filter Options.

To bring further simplicity and remove distraction, we prioritized and grouped all the other related links with icons at the top of your board. This way you could switch quickly enough between the different views of your side bar and also access the export and settings features for your board.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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3 thoughts on “New Board Filter

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  2. Craig Jahnke

    This is good, but there needs to be a filter to let me see card that are Assigned To me or that I am Watching or a Contributor on at the same time. As is I can only see card that are Assigned to me or that I am Watching as separate board views. It would be great to see all my cards in one view.

    1. Alex Novkov

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll be sure to pass it to our product team. In the meantime, you can create custom widgets on your main dashboard for this purpose. They will show you separate data, but at least you’ll be able to monitor it at one place.



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