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How can the Trends Chart in Analytics help your team take the pulse of your Kanban board?

The Trend Chart is our newest addition to the powerful board analytics. It provides a progress report over time in the form of a line graph, which is extremely useful in situations where managers need to see whether their teams are improving over time. The Trends Chart shows total/average time for cycle time, block time, logged time aggregated by day/week/month/year. Like most of the options in the board analytics, every department in your company can benefit from the Trends Chart. As a rule of thumb, average Cycle Time and average Block Time should be decreasing, but if they are going up, you might want to dig in and look for the root causes.

How to configure Trends Chart in Kanbanize ?

You can define the range of time you would like the new Trends Chart to focus on for your purposes. Here is where you can decide on what basis you’ll monitor its results – daily, weekly, monthly, or annually depending on your project.


A new addition to the analytics filter, something which affects the filtering of the trends chart as well, is the ability to show data only for working hours so that your trends don’t get skewed by nights and weekends when you are not actively working. Make sure to tick Calculate for Working Hours and define your schedule to activate it.

updated calculate working hours

Select what you’d like the Trends Chart to measure. In the case of Kanban boards, you can get the most out of visualizing cycle times, block time and logged times per cell of the board or per column to figure out whether you’re hitting your targets and what is slowing down your workflow. Changing the units means you can visualize the individual values that make up the data in days, hours, minutes and seconds based on your preference.

Select columns and swimlanes for which data will be aggregated. There are ways to remove any swimlanes and columns by using the checkbox board options and control what data you see. Use it to zero in on what is most relevant for the particular moment and the particular trends chart.


The settings of a particular Trends Chart generation will bе preserved automatically so you don’t have to configure the same search every time you enter the Trends tab in Analytics.

If you want to keep the results generated using your data filters for a report, click download.


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