Velocity in Agile Definition

What Is Velocity In Agile?

Velocity in Agile refers to the estimated effort associated with work items that a team can complete in a given timeframe. It’s an important metric in Agile, and teams use it to measure the amount of work that teams can deliver in a single iteration.  Agile velocity is widely known from the Scrum process, where […]


Portfolio Kanban: a Tool for Strategic Agility

A definition of business agility concerns the organization’s ability to adapt, change quickly, and renew itself in a volatile market environment. It is about the capability to adjust strategy, sometimes radically, testing the results they go. It is about altering the organization, adapting or inventing new processes, and for some, the absorption of modern technology. […]

Work Breakdown Structure Definition

What Is Work Breakdown Structure?

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a scope management process that is entirely deliverable-oriented. It is based on the order of tasks that must be completed to eventually arrive at the final product. The work breakdown structure aims to keep all project members on task and focused on the project’s purpose. It accomplishes this through […]

Product Portfolio Management Definition

What Is Product Portfolio Management? Frameworks and Examples

Product portfolio management is known as the practice of managing the organization’s entire product portfolio. Further, product portfolio management is the centralized management of methods, technologies, and processes used by product management organizations and product managers to analyze and manage products and their potential returns based on several key characteristics.  Product portfolio management’s role in […]

SIPOC (COPIS) Diagram Definition

What Is A SIPOC Diagram?

SIPOC diagram is a visual representation of business processes in a table form. The acronym stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers and it’s perceived as a business process map. It is used to define the inputs and outputs of a process from its initiation to its completion. The goal of the SIPOC technique […]

Program Management Definition

What Is Program Management?

Program Management is an organizational process for managing a group of related projects aligned with the strategic goals. The purpose of program management is to oversee the execution of individual projects or portfolios and ensure they impact the organizational performance directly. The benefits of successful program management are monitored during the program’s execution and outweigh […]

kanban backlog

Kanban Backlog: The Least Explored Corner of Kanban

Let’s start this article by first saying that according to Lean, maintaining an ordered list of ideas (backlog) is a waste. Why is it a waste? Well, simply because having an endless pool of ideas, always trying to refine and prioritize them takes time. What if they never get implemented? The answer is clear: wasted […]

Flowchart Definition

What Is A Flowchart?

A Flowchart is a type of diagram used to represent a process or a workflow. Process flowcharts are visual representations of a step-by-step approach to arriving at a certain business outcome or solution to a given task. To illustrate the entire algorithmic process, the diagram employs various shapes and boxes describing attributes such as inputs/outputs, […]