Best Lean Tools

10 Best Lean Tools

Lean manufacturing (also known as just-in-time production, or JIT) is a production methodology whose main purpose is to eliminate waste activities from a production process, optimize productivity and reduce the time to market. In other words, the goal is to sustainably deliver value to the customer. In the following list, you are going to find […]

kanban for sustainability

Unexpected Kanban Life Hacks for Sustainability

Кanban is often seen as a niche approach, related mostly to manufacturing, product and software development. However, getting to its core idea opens your eyes to the various applications it can have in business and everyday life. When I started reading about Kanban and Lean management, my first thought was “This sounds extremely similar to […]

Product Roadmap Definition

What Is A Product Roadmap?

Product roadmaps are practical communication tools employed to bring executives, stakeholders, and employees on the same page regarding organizational strategies and objectives. A product roadmap summarizes a product’s vision, direction, and progress over time. Roadmaps detail the strategic reasoning – the why – that explains the goals and how to get there. Product roadmaps are […]

Backlog Refinement Definition

What Is Backlog Refinement?

Backlog Refinement is a part of the Scrum framework. It is an ongoing process where the Product Owner and the Development Team collaborate and ensure that items on the Product Backlog are understood the same way by all members of the team, items have estimates, and they are ordered by priority in terms of business […]

Water Spider Definition

What Is Water Spider In Lean?

Water spider is a Lean manufacturing concept referring to a person who is responsible for keeping the workflow uninterrupted which contributes to faster market delivery. The function aims to decrease all variation to production and bring the concentration on meaningful work and productivity. The role of the water spider is to keep people’s focus on […]

sla and wip limits

SLAs and WIP limits: Which One Do You Need?

A few days ago our marketing team had its weekly replenishment meeting and somehow we started a discussion around the following topic:  Do we need both, WIP limits and service level of agreements (SLAs)?  Well, the short answer is yes.  But the answer can also be “it depends.” So, it depends on what?  After a […]

The Three Amigos in Agile

What is the Three Amigos Development Strategy in Agile?

The Three Amigos refers to a meeting held in an Agile product development environment. The core participants in the meeting are the project’s business analyst, developers, and quality assurance analyst. The goal of the Three Amigos meeting is to bring the three different perspectives in project delivery and bridge any gaps between the interpretations of […]

Root Cause Analysis Definition

What Is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a problem-solving method for the identification of root causes of problems. The analysis technique provides outcomes that serve as a basis for creating a corrective strategy to prevent further recurrence of the same issue. A successful RCA aims to discover the root cause, understand and offer a permanent fix, and […]

Pareto Chart Definition

What Is A Pareto Chart?

Pareto Chart is a bar chart sorted in descending order from the highest frequency to the lowest frequency from left to right. The height of the bars reflects the frequency or the impact of the problems. The Pareto Chart assists the quality improvement team in focusing on areas of improvement with the greatest impact. A […]

kanban for project management

Kanban Project Management: How to Use and Implement It?

Kanban project management is a unique approach to project management that relies on the Kanban method, and it’s suitable for companies of any size. In this guide, you will learn: how to break down your projects quickly, how to track progress, how to get real-time status reports, how to achieve organizational transparency. But first, let’s […]