Crossing the Kanbasm

Crossing the Kanbasm

Once in a while, people embarrass themselves publicly. As much as I hate these events, I’m no exception. One such mini-embarrassment for me was when I asked the following question on Twitter: Although I had the best of intentions, looking at the replies made it clear that I had something to learn. My attitude was […]

Innovation Strategy Definition

What is an Innovation Strategy?

Innovation strategy is an approach to pursuing new growth opportunities. It is a proactive approach involving the simultaneous development of new products, services, and technologies. The objective of innovation strategy is to generate new sources of growth, which are sustainable in the long run. It has three main components: product innovation, service innovation, and process […]


Speaking Honestly about Motivation, Leadership and Emotions in the Workplace

This interview took place after Marisa Keegan’s keynote at the Global Kanban Summit in Alexandria US, 2019. Marisa is a Certified Executive Coach with her Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She helps CEOs design, implement and achieve their strategic plans. She has an extensive career working within Fortune 500 and high growth technology companies such […]

Two Bin Kanban System

What is a Two-Bin Kanban System?

Kanban is an excellent method for managing workflow, inventory, and more. Kanban uses visual indicators to improve the flow and efficiency of production, making it perfect for physical goods manufacturers. The two-bin Kanban system is one of the most common tools used in Kanban manufacturing. Literally, the two-bin Kanban system uses two physical bins for […]

Spotify Model Definition

What is the Spotify Model?

The Spotify model represents a work structure the company created to scale its adoption of Agile across the organization. Hendrik Kniberg and Adres Ivarsson first popularized it in a whitepaper from 2012. They provide an overview of how Spotify organized multiple product development teams and scaled Agile practices across them.  The model creates an environment […]

Lean Coffee Definition

What is Lean Coffee?

Lean Coffee is a structured meeting format that allows teams to have a focused conversation with minimal interruption. In Lean Coffee meetings, there isn’t a predefined agenda. The meeting starts with an icebreaker activity, which can be anything from asking people to share their favorite coffee order. This icebreaker is followed by a 5-minute presentation […]


Busting the Myth: Your Kanban Board is not a Kanban System

So, you have set your Kanban board in place. Although your team has been enthusiastic in visualizing all of their work, months have passed without any progress. And although there was an initial process improvement, you quickly reached a plateau. We understand that you probably feel discouraged and consider throwing away the board. However, before […]