Optimizing Efficiency? Forget Multitasking!

Optimizing Efficiency? Forget Multitasking!

The reality of modern business requires companies to be not just effective but also efficient in everything they undertake. Reaching optimal efficiency in any process is difficult, and among the main reasons for this is the habit of multitasking. Understanding why it drags down productivity and finding a way to get rid of multitasking altogether […]

The Soft Spot Between Personal and Process Efficiency

The Soft Spot Between Personal and Process Efficiency

“Efficiency is the ability to avoid wasting resources, efforts, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result… The highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage.” – Jawaharlal Nehru, former Prime Minister of India The key to keeping the pace and competitive advantage in an […]

Case Study - How to Use Kanban with Your HR Team

Case Study: How to Use Kanban with Your HR Team

StarLink is a leading IT compliance and next-generation threat driven solutions provider in the Middle East. They are recognized as a “Trusted Security Advisor,” a “True Value Added Distributor” and a market leader by more than 500 customers to secure critical enterprise assets. When you want something safe, they’re the right people to ask. They are using […]


Stand-up Meeting: The Definitive Guide for Holding Effective Stand-ups

Stand-up meetings have become a sacred ritual for teams using Agile in any form. They are fantastic for keeping a company aligned and focused in the same direction. Although implementing them is not difficult, making the most of these Agile daily standups with your colleagues requires practice and nonetheless, experimentation. Over the course of the […]

How the"Pull" Principle Will Help You Produce Experience

How the “Pull” Principle Will Help You Produce Experience

Pull systems have changed the way organizations work and deliver products. After Toyota developed and applied the pull system concept successfully into their production processes, it has spread across various industries. The system offers a lot of benefits and it’s not surprising that so many organizations are using it today. Тhe real benefit of the pull […]

The Dark Side of Kanban: The Greatest Challenges in Kanban

The Dark Side of Kanban: The Greatest Challenges in Kanban

Being fond of the Kanban culture pushed me to experimenting. I’ve tried pretty much every technique that I could think of (with varying success) and that is how I’ve experienced not only the bright side of things, but also its dark one. In this post I would like to share three of the greatest challenges that I’ve had along the way and probably keep you far from the dark side, my dear padawans!

Kanban Dancing - Why Do We Need Takt TIme in Kanban and Lean

Kanban Dancing: Why Do We Need Takt Time in Kanban and Lean?

Can you imagine music without rhythm? Would you like it? Would you watch people dancing if they were randomly jumping and throwing limbs in all directions without any reasonable order? I guess not. Is it good if your heart skips a beat (if you are seeing your crush it is okay)? Does earth always take the same time to orbit the sun? The goal of these ridiculous questions is to make a point: everything in our universe has its rhythm.