Resource Management Best Practices

11 Resource Management Best Practices

The features of good resource management support the following functions: capacity planning, resource allocation, resource cost tracking, forecasting and analytics, resource time tracking, as well as streamlined communication. Resource management needs to provide an adequate response to resource management challenges such as skills shortages, project overlap, prolonged vacations, equipment failure, market conditions changes, etc. 1. […]

Best Software Development Methodologies

Top 12 Software Development Methodologies

Software development methodologies define the ways of working when developing software solutions. The top software development methodologies are below.  Waterfall Development  Agile Software Development  Kanban   DevOps Methodology  Rapid Application Development (RAD)  Lean Development  Dynamic System Development  Feature-Driven Development (FDD)  Scrum Framework  Extreme Programming  Spiral Model  Joint Application Development Methodology 1. Waterfall Development The waterfall development […]

What is a Task Management Tool: Components, Types, Benefits

What Is A Task Management Tool?

A task management tool is used to help connect all the processes involved in the movement of a task from one stage to the next: planning, commitment, execution, reporting, etc. Powerful and effective task management tools handle all task-related aspects such as status update, time limits, assignees, priority, notifications, etc. Through the use of task […]

Strategic Planning Definition

What Is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is the process of defining an organization’s strategy, and it comprises all efforts and decision-making to pursue the determined strategic plan. The process of strategic planning includes setting strategic goals, planning for their execution, allocating the required resources. It facilitates the coordination between defining and implementing the organization’s strategy. The process is led […]

managing construction projects

Customer Story: Managing Construction Projects with Kanbanize

In Kanbanize, our goal is to support organizations to increase efficiency and achieve organizational transparency by visualizing work and optimizing workflows. We are pleased when our clients share their success stories with us, showcasing that we do something meaningful, and we help them become a little bit better. The next story is from BMWC Constructors, […]

Best Kanban Apps

What are the Best Kanban Apps?

A Kanban app is a software application that facilitates the use of Kanban boards. It helps manage and prioritize work items, software development, agile project management, and visualizing progress. Kanban apps can be used in any type of project and are especially useful when working with multiple projects simultaneously. The application’s primary function is to […]

Defeating Project Management Issues without Fighting Them

Project management is a booming industry that is painfully imperfect. Although we see some improvement in recent years, still many project management issues remain unresolved, causing significant financial negatives.  When asked to name their biggest struggles, project managers point to the disconnect between planning and execution and miscommunication as leading causes of their problems. Further on, […]

Scrum Definition

What Is Scrum?

Scrum is an Agile framework that focuses on iterative development and delivery of products. It’s a popular framework for Agile development that enables teams to release products faster to the market and adapt to changing customer requirements.  Scrum is characterized by self-organizing, cross-functional teams and iterative cycles. What Are the Benefits of Scrum? The Scrum […]

Project Portfolio Management Definition

What Is Project Portfolio Management (PPM)?

Project portfolio management (PPM) is a centralized approach used by project managers and project management offices (PMOs) to analyze and manage ongoing and future projects. It connects strategic planning to project execution by making strategic goals clear and executable objectives. The goal of the PPM framework is to reach optimal project planning and execution while […]

kaizen continuous improvement

Kaizen: Lost in Translation

In this sea of content, it becomes much harder to find something authentic and valuable. We genuinely believe that the following post meets these requirements, and we are happy to share it with you. Special thanks to the author Jun Nakamuro for letting us republish this article on our blog.  Japanese improvement techniques have been emulated […]