Have you tried applying Kanban on a large scale in your organization? If you haven’t, you are likely to find out that the transparency of the method that makes it a powerhouse on a team level is not as great on an organizational scale.

This is of course if you are practicing the typical Kanban method. However, there is another less known approach. It is designed specifically for running large projects and breaking down work in a way that connects the desired end-product with every task that needs to be completed along the way.

Meet the Portfolio Kanban! It is designed to help you break down large projects into multiple levels of smaller tasks that can be processed quickly.

Implementing Portfolio Kanban is similar to Team Kanban but not identical. After you’ve mastered Kanban on a team level, Portfolio Kanban is the logical next step on your journey toward process excellence.

With its help, you can make transparent the progress of each of your projects irrelevant of the number of tasks that you break it into.

In the following infographic, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of the portfolio approach, see the differences with team Kanban and get a set of guidelines on how to start practicing it.

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Fundamentals of Portfolio Kanban [Infographic]

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