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Release 5.0 comes with a new feature that will build on and simplify the way you share information from Kanbanize with external stakeholders. The public boards and filters making a debut in release 5.0, will allow you to share detailed information about your projects with anyone, even if they are not a registered Kanbanize user, with just a few clicks.

Whether you want to show a report on the progress of the development your new product to the investors, share information with an affiliate, or showcase content to a customer, the shareable public boards are your go-to tool to apply.

To make use of the public boards, create filters using the refine search criteria option in the Kanbanize search to batches of information using the Kanbanize search. This action will group together information relevant to different stakeholders and allow you to save your particular filter so you can generate it easily again later. Saved filters will appear in the retractable filter menu accessible by the Load option in the bottom left corner of the Search panel. 

custom boards 1

Generating a filtered search will now also produce a unique link at the bottom of the search panel. To make it interactive, click on the “Share” button next to the link. Before you are able to share the link, you must first save the filter using the pop-up fields “Filter name” and “Filter description” for later reference. The Filter name you choose will also be used to refer to the public board, to which the shared url will link.

custom boards 2

Click on the green button named “Save filter” to confirm.

*The system will not allow you to save your filter if you left the name field empty.

When you have saved the desired filter, the link in the search panel automatically becomes interactive and ready to be shared at will. Clicking on it will produce a new tab in your browser containing the filtered information in a basic, read-only view without other data from Kanbanize. 

Depending on the data you have included in your initial search, the read-only view in the new tab will be available in a table or graph view. Both external and internal recipients of the shared link have the opportunity to export the data in an xls. table for your archives.

While it is active, the link will produce live data for all that access it, not a snapshot from the time you created and shared the filter.

custom boards 3.4

There are also a few other ways users in Kanbanize can interact with the shared information. For instance, the card IDs and their board names are clickable and will divert you to the description of the card in question or the board itself respectively.

For external recipients of the shared link, the information inside is only available as is, without the opportunity to use it as a gateway to boards and card descriptions in Kanbanize. Clicking on the information will lead external users to the Kanbanize login page.

In projects where affiliates, external stakeholders and investors are involved, this feature becomes extremely useful for revealing a selective filter of information from Kanbanize to an interested party.

If you would like to make the link inactive, return to the search panel and click “unshare” right next to the link making the data unavailable to those with which it was shared.

The Filters you create will remain in the system and you can access and reactivate them whenever you want by clicking “Load” on the bottom left side of the advanced search window.

Happy Kanbanizing (and sharing)!

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