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We bring simplicity and automation to your Kanban board with every new release and 4.5 is no exception. With the new addition to our runtime policies arsenal, you can schedule updates and transitions in any of your boards. The logical questions to answer first is:

How can recurring updates help?

When you have a lot happening on your Kanban boards it becomes a tedious and time-consuming job to keep everything in order. Not only that, but with more boards it becomes impossible – this is where errors occur. Then why not just delegate some of the work to Kanbanize itself?

What can recurring updates do?

Imagine the following situations:

  • You need to have all cards type Bug assigned to the same person automatically.
  • You need to have all cards containing TEST in their title to be automatically moved to the QA column.
  • You want to move all cards to the archive once they have a special tag applied
  • You want to make sure that all cards in swimlane Customer have the same color and priority
  • countless other options…

How to configure recurring updates?

To configure a recurring update policy, go to Administration and then Runtime Policies. Choose the recurring update policy from the menu on the right:

Policies window3

When you select the recurring card update, you will be presented with the configuration panel, which looks like this:

Configure Recurring Update Policy


If you click on the Every Day link you will be able to choose the schedule with which the policy will be executed:

Recurring Policies Select Schedule






When the schedule is configured you can use the filter in the middle to specify which cards should be updated by the policy (the board criterion is mandatory).

The last part is setting up the actions, which is trivial and much like with any other policy. The only difference is the Execute At action, which specified when exactly the policy should be executed (in your configured time zone).

Recurring update policy when to execute

Just pick the time that you need and Kanbanize will take care of the rest.

Enjoy the next level of Kanban automation and don’t forget to post your comments to the comments section below.

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