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We get closer and closer to the complete set of automation policies that we envision in Kanbanize and the recurring card creation is one of the key ones to cover. As with the recurring updates, let’s go through the logical topics to address:

How can recurring cards help?

Every team out there is involved in repetitive chores  like reporting, accounting, meetings, updating the company database and what not. То help you not forget these or simply save you the time to actually go there and create the corresponding cards, we have implemented this automation policy – just configure it once and it will do the work for you.

What can recurring card policies do?

They create cards with pre-defined properties (Title, Priority, Color, etc.) on a pre-configured schedule (Every day, Every workday, Every week, Every month, etc.)

How to configure recurring card creation?

To configure a recurring update policy, go to Administration and then Runtime Policies. Choose the recurring create policy from the menu on the right:

Create recurring cards policy menu

When you select the recurring card update, you will be presented with the configuration panel, which looks like this:

Configure recurring create policy in Kanbanize

If you click on the Every Day link you will be able to choose the schedule with which the policy will be executed:

Recurring Policies Select Schedule






The next part is setting up the actions that would be creating the actual cards. If you click on the “Not set” link under the Create Card panel, you will be prompted to select where the card is to be created and then the new card panel will appear:

Recurring Cards in Kanbanize

Enter the card properties that you need in the recurring cards and click save to confirm your selection. If you need more than one card created on a regular basis, add as many actions as needed and repeat the procedure.

When you are ready save the policy and have a coffee, because you’ve just saved yourself a lot of time.

Happy Kanbanizing with Kanbanize – The Kanban Software for Lean Product Development

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2 thoughts on “Recurring Kanban Cards in Kanbanize

  1. Geof Ellingham

    I think there’s a slight problem with this being an Admin function. We’re a large organisation with lots of teams, and therefore lots of boards. Many of these teams will really want to use the recurring cards feature, but I don’t want the overhead of those teams having to log a request with sysadmin each time – I want them to be self sufficient in this kind of task.

    However, I can’t give these people sysadmin rights, as some other boards may contain sensitive information to which they shouldn’t have access.

    I think Project Managers need to be able to do this kind of admin task. The Runtime Policy feature isn’t greyed out for PMs, so maybe that’s your intention in future?



    1. Monica Georgieff

      Hi Geof,

      sorry about the delay in our answer, your comment somehow slipped past us!
      You’re definitely right that giving users rights to the runtime policies will help teams be more self-sufficient.
      It’s a great idea we’re already discussing for the future and how we can make it work.

      Cheers and thanks for the feedback,

      Monica – Kanbanize


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