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How can scheduling your meetings help your team ?

These days, no one has time to spare. A large chunk of your day is planned and time must be prioritized in advance so you don’t waste time idly waiting for something to get coordinated so you can take action. With this in mind, we are introducing the Schedule Meeting feature to our collaboration arsenal so you can anticipate your commitments ahead of time and manage your time accordingly. When the host adds internal or external participants to the upcoming meeting, the invitees are notified by email and can join the meeting through the embedded email link. Now, you can plan ahead meetings and track upcoming commitments not just with deadlines but in the calendar and the list view below.

How to get the most out of scheduling your meetings in Kanbanize?

Follow the graphics below to find out how to start scheduling your meetings ahead of time in Kanbanize.

Just like when you start a Meeting or Chat in the moment through the card menu, you now have the option to also Schedule a Meeting connected to that task card set to take place in the future.


Selecting the Schedule Meeting option in the card menu brings up a panel where you can define the meeting’s topic, select the start time & date and the end time & date, and set notes for the agenda of what will be discussed.


When Adding Participants, you can choose from users within the Kanbanize account of the host (members of your team) and external participants, who will receive an email notification with a link to join the call. Once the invites are sent out, the meeting will be noted in the Kanbanize calendar with a marker on the top right corner of the relevant date square.


The user who schedules the meeting is referred to as the Host and is the only person who can start the meeting at the indicated time. The host selects the marked date of the meeting in the calendar to show the meeting list under the Kanbanize calendar. There, a Start link will appear in the Host’s account, from where they can initiate the conversation for everyone invited. *Only the Host gets time logged automatically for the meeting, the other participants who are users in Kanbanize must log time for the meeting manually. 


If a meeting is cancelled, the Host can choose to Delete the Meeting by clicking on its details in the meeting list below the calendar in Kanbanize. This will launch the panel with all the scheduling functions of the meeting in questions with a button on the bottom left corner to erase the meeting entirely.


Collaborating with your team doesn’t need to be difficult or unanticipated. Scheduling your meeting with Kanbanize makes it easy for you to prep and manage your time so you can stay one step ahead of lingering and waiting around for others to coordinate.

Take control of your collaboration and keep Kanbanizing!

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