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If you’ve tried out some of the Kanban software applications on the market you would know that most of them are slick and nice to use, but very few of them are powerful enough to scale the operations of a whole team, department or company. The beauty of a Kanban board is that it makes you efficient and any app that claims this should cover very high standards.

It might be too much to say that, but we at Kanbanize create the standards of today. We know what it takes for a team to be super productive and we build this know-how into the software that we make. The run-times are the missing link between Kanban and the automation which enables teams to focus on real work and not the process to get this work done. If that sounds too abstract, check the scenarios that we cover below.

Scenario 1:


the deadline of a Kanban card is X days in the future (or X days in the past)


the card is on the Marketing board and the Kanban card is green, and the assignee is Gabby (and any other condition)


Kanbanize, I want you to move this card to In Progress, change its color to red and send me a notification.

In the policy admin panel this looks like that:

Time-based policy in Kanbanize Scenario 1

Kanbanize is very smart and understands these commands. It will check every hour if these conditions are met and if there are cards that match the criteria, it will execute the corresponding actions on them.

Scenario 2:

Now imagine an even more powerful scenario:


the cycle time of a Kanban card becomes more than X days


(any condition that you need, could be the same as above or something different)


(any action that you need, could be the same as above)

The policy would look absolutely the same with the difference that the predicate would be CYCLE TIME:

Kanbanize policy predicate cycle time





You need more conditions/predicates? Not a problem, Kanbanize can work with ANY time-related property of a card, including custom fields. So you could actually configure something like:


ANY CUSTOM FIELD OF TYPE DATE is X days in the future/or X days in the past


(any condition that you need, could be the same as above or something different)


(any action that you need, could be the same as above)

How powerful is that? Really!

And just in case you need to check, this is the full set of predicates that we support:

Kanbanize policy predicates all


There are countless scenarios that would allow you to schedule work at the right time, change the properties of cards that match specific conditions, visualize Kanban card aging, following-up automatically, making sure you keep the SLAs on your team and what not.

This is the future of Kanban software and we make it happen.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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2 thoughts on “Time-based Policies in Kanbanize (If This Then That part III)

  1. Dave Dialogue

    Any way to make these time-based policies customizable on a per-user basis without the users needing administrative access?

    1. Monica Georgieff

      Hi Dave,

      We all think that’s a great idea and we’ve been discussing ways to make that happen.
      As it stands, runtime policies are just for Admins but might become customizeable per-user in the future.

      Cheers and thanks for the feedback,



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