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Configuring Advanced Filters in Flows,Trends and the Heat Map


The first advanced filter option in the Flows Chart was a big hit for the users who always want to get right into the details of their accumulated data. We decided to extend the filter for use in the Heat Maps and Trends Charts, our newest tabs in analytics, as well. Filters allow you to generate the available visualizations in different variants according to a more refined list of criteria (ex. Number of cards in Done, by a certain assignee, by tag, etc…) These downloadable reports are a breeze to configure and make it easy for any project manager or user to generate data about very specific work items or, instead, about the general flow of work.

Excluding weekends from calculations


For most of us, weekends are a time of rest when we are not spending time on professional projects along with our teams. Logically, these two days at the end of the week should not be counted towards our chart calculations as they have the potential to skew our data in an unfavorable direction. A quick check box in the configuration panel of analytics allows you to exclude weekends from your chart calculations and be as accurate as possible in calculating your time graphics.

Hovering over a section of the chart for quick data


The Flows Chart has the potential to cover a large span of time and visualize a variety of different criteria and various cumulative data. The hover option we are introducing in this release allows users to get vital data from certain points in the segments of the available chart by hovering over them with their cursor and, at a glance, find out the throughput, card number and other calculations relevant to that point.

If you want to keep the results generated using your data filters for a report, click the Download button on the bottom right of the chart.


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