User Management

To manage users in Kanbanize, access the User Management tab of the Administration panel. 


To invite team members to the account, enter the person’s email and assign them the role they are to receive after completing registration. If they are assigned as Administrators, they will have full privileges for all projects and boards and be able to add or remove users themselves. The Administrator privilege overrides any other role that is assigned to the user in every project of the account. It is recommended that you have as few Administrators in the account as possible.


Using the searchable list of users located in the User Management tab, Administrators can make changes such as, edit name, username, email and privileges or disable/delete users. This is possible through the Settings menu located on the right side of every user.

As soon as you are finished making changes, finish the process by clicking on the green checkmark to save them, or the delete icon to cancel them, if you are unsure.


In addition, use the options in the User Management tab to boost the security of your account by activating two-factor authentication for the users of your choice.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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