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Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is by far the best release we’ve had so far. Not only we’ve fixed a lot of issues, but we’ve also managed to release a few long-awaited features. Check out the details below:

Custom Fields

Yes! They are finally here, you can define as many custom fields as you need and assign them to a task. We have six types to choose from (text, number, date, URL, contributor, dropdown) and basically cover each possible use-case out there.

Custom Fields in Project and Board Settings

This is how you add them to a task:

Adding custom fields to task

The amazing part about this is that you can slice the data in the cycle time and the distribution charts by the custom fields you’ve defined.

Card Links

You’ve been missing the possibility to monitor the global progress of multiple features? Check this out:

Adding custom fields to taskCards link in Demo Project

Just point a task with your mouse and you will see important meta-data about it.

Dropbox Integration

Your voice was heard! Attach a file from Dropbox with a single click:

Dropbox integration in Kanbanize

Rename Company

Have you tried to figure out how to rename your account? Well, it hasn’t been possible for a while, but now it’s a piece of cake:

Rename your Kanbanize account with a single click

New Design

And what about the improved design? We love the new dashboard and task views, but the best part is that a lot more is yet to come!

Happy Kanbanizing!

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One thought on “Version 3.5 – What’s New?

  1. jhunovis

    Thanks for fixing the annoying “link to external site” bug that prevented people from upgrading to premium! Fix the “show title” bug next, please!


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