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As the law commands, each new month should be accompanied by a new Kanbanize release. Version 3.6 is out and it comes with some great new features and bug fixes. Go through the entire article to learn more about it and feel free to share your feedback with us!

UI Improvements and bug fixes

The focus of this release was to address the feedback from the big 3.5 release. We have changed a lot of code based on your comments and have made the impossible to satisfy even the most sophisticated users. The quality of the product is probably the best we’ve had so far and we are proud to have only a few open issues on the queue.

Worklog per person

While we have been focusing to address the feedback from our users we were also able to release a new report – Worklog per person.

Worklog per person

This is a very helpful tool for teams that track how much time has been logged against particular tasks. You can get more information from the dedicated blog post here.

Enhanced links chart

Your voice was heard again. We have introduced a new improvement in the links between tasks feature and more specifically the way it is visualized. You now have a table view of the links on the board, you can configure filters and apart from that you can download all data in Excel. We are still working hard to improve the links handling, which you will love in the end, but this is definitely a great step forward.


We have already started working on our next release and we hope to get you thrilled with the new stuff being implemented. One is certain: Kanbanize is getting better every hour!

We are looking forward to your comments and feedback!

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