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We are so happy to announce the new release – 3.7. It’s been an intensive month filled with a lot of things to work on and some great features to release officially. This article is dedicated to the fancy new stuff so feel free to go through it and keep yourself up to date.

Visualize task links directly on a task

Probably the best feature in this release, visualizing the links of a task directly on the task view is an incredible step towards building a fully-fledged portfolio board. To do so you have to configure the right settings from the board settings panel:


And then tasks which have links will look like that:


Each linked task will appear on a separate row. The icon on the right shows whether the task is a child, parent or a mirror and the color code on the left shows whether the task is in the requested area, the in progress area or the done area.

Export Kanban boards to image

This feature has been requested at least a dozen times by many different people. As usually we do our best to address the feedback that we get from our users and we have gone an extra mile to make that happen. If you go to the export button and click “Export to Image” you will get a png file that saves the entire board as you see it. Quite handy if you want to keep history of the board in a visual format or simply print it on paper (keep it green, though 🙂 ).


Average Cycle Time per Column (Process Control Chart)

You think you have a bottleneck in the workflow but you are not able to prove it? We say No More! With the new chart in your arsenal you will be able to see how much time on average tasks spend in each column, all of this with historical overview. If a column is constantly growing in time, you may have troubles there so make sure to investigate!


Cumulative flow per swim-lane

While we’re still talking about analytics, let us mention the enhancement in the cumulative flow diagram. It is now possible to investigate how number of items change per swim-lane which is extremely valuable in tons of scenarios. Just switch on or off the swim-lanes that you are interested to see on the chart and we will do the rest for you.

Context menu available from task details

Have you ever wanted to be able to log time to a task or just delete it when seeing its details? Until now you had to close the task, then find it on the board and right-click to do it, but we have now introduced a more convenient way to do the same. Just click on the gear-wheel icon next to the close button and the context menu will pop-up.


Auto-focus tasks on click in my queue

Easily one of the best UX features ever! You have your “My Queue” sidebar, but when you want to find out where tasks are on the board, then you have to use the filter or even search for the task id. With the last feature you just click on a task in the “My Queue” panel and the board will position itself to show the task. Just try it and feel the great levels of awesomeness this feature brings. Note that this works when you click on tasks in the board which is currently open. If you click on tasks in other boards they will open in a new tab.

Blocked tasks filter in the worklog per task report

You want to report on tasks which are currently blocked? No problem, just open  the worklog report, then click on advanced options and mark the check box.


Links in API

You need to get the links for a task or all tasks in a board? Take a look at the get_links function in the API documentation here.

Log time via API

You want to log working hours via the API? With the new release this is possible via the log_time function. Again, for more details check the API documentation here.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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