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Real time updates

With version 3.9 of Kanbanize we are happy to announce perhaps the biggest enhancement of this release – THE Real Time Updates. With the older version of Kanbanize your boards used to refresh on a predefined period of time (typically 60 seconds) but by using the WebSocket technology we were able to make this in real time.


Your browser will be communicating with a server to ensure the smooth refresh of your boards creating better experience. What this feature means for the non-technology savvy users of Kanbanize? This means that you will be able to see all of the updates on your board as they happened allowing you to collaborate with your peers in real time.

Another enhancement coming with this feature is the visual feedback of the edited or moved cards that shows you the exact card which has been updated along with where it has been moved.

Have a good time collaborating in real time!

Predefined Custom Fields

Custom fields are really powerful way to customize your card, so they better suit your project/company needs.

This feature was long awaited by the community and half a year later we are happy to say that there is still a lot of hype around it.

predefined fields 193That is why we thought “why stop there”, and decide to introduce 3 predefined fields that every company or project can benefit of. These fields come packed in every fresh registration or project.

Reporter– This field shows you who has created the given card. It is assigned automatically with the creation of a task and cannot be changed.

Last modified – As its name states this field shows you when the last modification of this card has occurred. The input of this field is generated automatically.

Created at – Like the “Last modified” field this field is generated automatically.

None of the predefined custom fields can be edited.

New Link – Relative

With this release we are adding another powerful enhancement – new link. The new “Relative” link creates a connection between two cards by just linking them together without applying any changes to their level of hierarchy. Another benefit is that it can be combined with other links like “parent” and “child”. The example below illustrates really well what was mentioned. As it’s shown the two blue cards are related to one another but at the same time they are “children” to the violet card. Bottom line: when it comes to the cards relations in Kanbanize, sky is the limit.

related edited - Copy

Mean Time Available in Cycle Time Report

The Cycle Time Chart as we all already know shows how much it took for a card to make it to Done (or other column if not finished). In the report itself, the cards are ordered from left to right according to their ID (creation time) and the dotted curve shows the trend over time. If it shows increase, you are either doing something wrong (don’t worry that’s what Kanbanize Analytics is for) or you are changing something in your system which slows you down (new employee, more steps in the process, etc.).

Narrow Predictable RangeWhat’s new here: there are three horizontal lines that represent the Mean and 1 standard deviation from the Normal (Gaussian) Distribution. The average of all cards is the Mean line. The Min and Max lines wrap 68% of the tasks that are close to the mean value. This is a statistical information commonly used for better estimations, planning and predictability over future tasks.

We recommend the following blog post, so that you get into details about the Normal (Gaussian) Distribution over Cycle Time.

Admin Panel Reworked

administration2We respect customer feedback, and we respect it a lot. One of our top requested features was to simplify on one hand and improve on the other, the way users are managed in Kanbanize. Hence with version 3.9, the new Admin panel is here – look for “Administration” on the place where previously “My Team” was.

A whole another fancy blog post was created to outline these changes, so take a quick look at it here.


Notifications – Now you can choose to receive notifications only for tasks that you are assigned to. This is an easy and fast way to declutter from all of the unnecessary information.

notifications 2

Log time – Coming with this release the logged time can be edited not only by project managers but also by the one that have logged the time.

edit log time 2

Worklog report – The worklog report has been updated with an additional entry. With version 3.9 of Kanbanize you can also apply filter and create a report by card type.

Usability update – In order to go to “My projects” page now you have to click on “Projects” instead on your company name.

my projects 2

Stay tuned for even more great updates.

Happy kanbanizing!

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2 thoughts on “Version 3.9 – What’s New?

  1. Boris Wortmann

    its nice to see that you are still improving the product. New features are coming in a steady flow. Good work.

    But i had a little question or suggestion. The explanations of the features are rather technical. I would love to hear about some examples how to use them. Lets take relations between cards or the latest big change. What is the intended use. Where do i find such stories for inspiration. I think without this inspiration you are risking a lot. Features I as a users cannot understand I will soon find annoying. The thing I loved about Kanbanize was its simplicity and I am sure that must be something on your mind.

    Best Regards

  2. Dimitar Karaivanov

    Hi Boris,

    Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it.

    We spend a lot of time (and I really mean A LOT) thinking how to make all features as simple as possible. Maybe it doesn’t always work for everyone, but simplicity is one of our core values and we are never going to abandon it.

    As for the “inspiration” that you are talking about, we will think how to improve that.

    Thanks for caring and sharing your thoughts 🙂



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