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Runtime Policies

With this release 4.0 we are starting a new era of modeling the workflow. We bring a new platform powered by events, filters and actions that would allow you to specify different behaviors on your boards. To do so, you just need to walk  the 3 steps:

1. When. In general for every Action, most of the times we have a Cause or Event that triggers it. That is why as a first step into the Policies we provide a list of events (predicates) that Kanbanize is monitoring. Like a child task is “moved” or “blocked”, task is “updated by e-mail” and so on.

2. And. In the complexity of events happening all the time, we need to be very precise what we want to achieve here. That is why a filter is required as a next step to properly define where the events are happening and what the extra conditions should be.

3. Then. Once we have the event filtered well, we come to the last step of defining what has to be done i.e. what’s the action to be triggered. Like “block the parent task”, or “move the card” to a specific column/swimlane, and so on.

policiesWe plan to constantly expand that list of monitored events, filters and actions with time. The ultimate goal is to provide a mechanism that could allow our clients to cover their most sophisticated use-cases with a Kanban solution. Scale your business in a lean, optimized and efficient manner. To learn more on the topic, please take a look at this dedicated article for the Kanban Runtime Policies.

Improvements / Enhancements

Preserve Comments and Subtasks. Very often we write a new comment or a subtask and we need to switch to another tab to check some details of the tasks. The previous behavior was to remove your content as you switch to different tab. Not any more, we placed some extended logic and preserve your unfinished writing ….




Show Project Name. While editing your board and project setting we often change context between different tabs. A common case is to forget what project we are applying those settings for. That’s why we simply placed the project name on the top of the dialog. This is a feedback we got from You, our users. It is a small thing, but we do care for it. Thank you!



Preserve Tags in Templates. Another small but important improvement is in the area of applying templates. Often Templates could include tags, that’s why we decided to preserve the ones already available.



Resent Invitations. Users tend to ignore e-mails that have a link inside with the combination of the word “Register”. Especially when they don’t expect such e-mail, it doesn’t matter how smart we place the content or how simple and easy it is to register. Those e-mails will end up deleted or best case in the trash/spam folder. Then the project managers are the ones contacting us asking what to do. So, we responded back. Now you can poke, your colleagues until they see the invitation e-mail.



Search to auto-scroll. Once you type in the filter/search field on your board a key word and hit enter, you will be automatically scrolled and placed at the first card containing that key word. Using the left and right key strokes you will move between the other occurrences. A delicate shake of the card will guide you where to focus. This is a very handy feature once you start searching for specific tasks and want to visually find out where they are positioned on the board. It’s all about simplicity and efficiency obtaining your valuable information in a fast visual manner.

Handling and Warnings

When all cards selected. To improve the behavior and the better handling of the product we started a series of small fixes and extensions in that area. We have introduced two new warning dialogs. We hope you never see them, but sometimes unwillingly, by mistake it happens that you select all your cards and move them somewhere. The effect is that they simply disappear and you don’t know what is going on. In order to prevent that we add a nice warning for you.


Too many cards. Another common scenario is to accumulate tasks in your Temporary archive. The side effect is that your browser will get slower and slower with the number of tasks you accumulate. That is why we recommend you to permanently archive those tasks more frequently. On our road map we have an auto archive feature, but until then we have this warning message as a reminder to you.



Board Scrolling. Last but not least, we placed a new board scrolling capability with the right click of your mouse. If you just click on the right button, the context menu will appear, but if you click and hold then you could scroll your board in any direction. Much faster to get your focus area on the spot.


Stay tuned for many new features, improvements and use-case scenarios from Kanbanize!

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