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New Board Filter

After collecting many feedback requests and having a deep research over the common user behavior, we refactored our filter into a side panel, where you could quite easily access and filter your board view. 

Filtering by Title, Assignee, Size, Type and many other criteria has never been easier and more intuitive.

Spare a few minutes to read the dedicated article for the new filter. You will find many options and use cases on how to apply it into your daily routine.


One Click Search

The power of applying Kanbanize for different teams and processes within any Organization is revealed through a simple search. We know how crucial information is and that obtaining the right information in a timely manner, brings back to you efficiency and reduces waste.


Positioned at the top of your frame, you could search within just one click across all projects and boards. Validate specific customer support requests, check side activities of a marketing campaign or scout if a prospect has contacted you before. These are just few of the many use cases where a quick search brings you the right information you need at a glance.

Histogram View
and (beta) Weibull Distribution

The Process Control chart is the place to analyze where your bottlenecks are. To go further we dive into the statistics and predictability models based on accumulated historical data.

Another way to represent your tasks over time is by showing them into a Histogram View. The cycle time of your tasks within specified columns is accumulated and the tasks are distributed according to the range period – per day, week, month or year. The bars on the chart represent how many cards have cycle times within that time range (you could read more about the histogram view here).


The Weibull distribution curve over the histogram view is a model widely used in reliability and live data analysis. By reading the parameters and the values of the PDR (Probability Density Function) you could easily control the risk, steer your underlying process and predict the cycle time of any new tasks coming up to your current process flow. More deeper information and how to read the chart will follow up shortly in a different article.

SVN to Kanbanize Integration


We are glad to announce the first integration (more are to come) that we’ve released with a version control system. From now on each SVN commit will appear as a comment on a referred task and if you want to, you will be able to change the task details, log time or move the task to a desired location on the board.


To find out how you could do that, read the dedicated Kanbanize to SVN integration article with detailed explanations.


Kanbanize and Usersnap Integration

If you are working on a web project, the best way to drop feedback without going back and forth on the details with the Support/RnD team is just to display it. You could do that by presenting your feedback in a visual and annotated manner with Usersnap.

Working together, Kanbanize and Usersnap provide a bridge to fill the gap between project managers, developers and designers with visual communication.

Check out how Kanbanize integrates with Usersnap to make your web project development leaner and faster.

E-mail Integration Improvements

Kanbanize goes deeper into the use cases of Support, Help-desk, Sales, Marketing and Operations, where as a part of your workflow there is always someone to interact with the e-mails. To improve and achieve smoother communication we are constantly refining and enhancing our features in the e-mail integration area. In particular:

Place your integrated e-mail or into any position of your TO or CC list. 

Our system will analyze all possible e-mails, their registration into your premium account and the different roles they have. Then it will create new task or update the referred existing one, based on the different settings.

Note: For security and data accountability purposes, we have switched off the integration with the BCC field!

– Updating an existing task from an e-mail will place now all attached files to the card (under attachments section) and save the e-mail description as comment.

A very useful scenario for support or help-desk boards when the client sends additional attachments to an existing thread.

Stay tuned! More cool new features and improvements are coming up next month.

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