1. Video Conference Calling Powered by Moxtra!

* Since this post was first published, the Moxtra collaboration feature has been deprecated and is no longer available in Kanbanize. 

Moxtra is a mobile collaboration app for teams that works the way modern teams do. We think Moxtra can do wonders for effective collaboration not only between team members but also with freelancers, customers and any other external participants in a project. This is why we are taking the first steps to integrating it into our tool. In 4.10, we are introducing Moxtra video conference calling so now you can share screens, video and chat with your team while you move your cards across the board or you can invite someone external for a call by sending them a link. When the call is over, it will be added to the history of the card and, if you choose, recorded for you to refer back to it. So get your video conference game going with the new Moxtra integration in Kanbanize.



2.  Generate Pie Charts in Search graphics.

We hope you’ve been using the new graphs in Search we introduced last month because we’re making them even better and adding brand new options. The Pie Charts option has arrived to Kanbanize Search graphics! We’re super excited to be adding pie charts to the graph options you can generate from Search to make visualizing your work even easier. For example, you can get a pie graph to show you logged time or cycle time by assignee so you can visualize how your project is moving along and what everyone is responsible for. You can even check up on the overall blocked time of all the cards all/an assignee is working on. Don’t underestimate the little square graph icons in the top right of your search window, they can tell you a whole lot more than you think in a very accessible format.

The pie chart works just like the bar chart that we’ve added in 4.9. See more details here.



3. The Calendar can now show your cards in the Done section!

Last month, we received a very helpful comment on our blog about the need to add some more options to our calendar. We love getting feedback because it shows us what our users need most urgently and helps us prioritize internally. We have now added a way to view cards in the Done section of your board in the calendar. So, if a deadline has passed you can see whether that card is in Done or still being worked on somewhere on the board using the Section filter on the calendar. We know very well that even if a card is in Done, it still gets referred to and is often indicative of what’s going on in the other sections of the board. The calendar makes cards easier to track by date so it’s great that now, there is no column of your Kanban board where your calendar can’t reach!



4. Search can show how long a card has been Blocked (Block Time).

An added bonus to complement the Graphics we keep developing in Search is the Block Time regular field option from which you can generate visualizations. For example, you can now generate a pie graph of the cumulative block time for all the cards per assignee to see if everything that has been prioritized is getting expedited in a timely fashion. Like a bird’s eye view of all your high priority tasks!


Keep Kanbanizing!


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