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1. Chat in Kanbanize Powered by Moxtra!

* Since this post was first published, the Moxtra collaboration feature has been deprecated and is no longer available in Kanbanize. 

In the last release, we introduced the first part of our additional functionality for the collaboration between your teams, team members, partners and clients. Now that you’ve all had a month’s time to get used to being able to host meetings through the video conferencing in Kanbanize, we’d like to add something extra to the experience. Chat in Kanbanize powered by Moxtra is this month’s main event. Chat (and we don’t mean chit-chat!) is an essential part of the way modern teams work and exchange information on a daily basis. Depending on the situation, you can decide to either host a conference call through the already familiar Meeting button in your card menu or shift your mouse a little bit to the right and launch the Chat function. Now with the new Kanbanize chat, the word itself can leave its bad connotations behind and take its rightful place as an essential channel of collaboration at work and beyond!

Check the dedicated blog post about this feature and tutorial video here.


2.  @Mention your Team Members

Adding the @mention feature means that whenever you reference a user within the account in the description or comment section of any card in any project or board, they get a notification and/ or email depending on their access. This builds a temporary bridge between that task card and another team member that might be relevant to the task in some way or has some valuable input about its contents, but is not necessarily an assignee. We really believe you’ll find yourself using this feature more than you can imagine! Read more about this in the dedicated post.



3.  Configure Searches for Time Fields by Hours, Minutes or Seconds.

We stand by our belief that one of the most powerful parts of Kanbanize is the Search. That’s why, as you add to the content of your search by adding more tasks and data to your projects, we do our best to add to the options of the Search itself as much as we can each month. This time around, we’ve added the ability to select units for time fields such as Cycle Time or Block Time so you can view it in hours, minutes or seconds based on your preference. When we’re talking about time, we want to keep it as specific as possible.

4. Configure Searches for Block Count (not just Block Time).

After speaking with a number of our users over the last couple of weeks, we found that the ability to Block tasks in order to show priority was an all-around favorite because it simply got the job done. So, we thought it would be a good idea if everyone could have as much information about cards that are or were in the Blocked state at some point. That’s why we added the Block Count field in our Search. It can tell you how many times a card was blocked and unblocked on the board and you can filter cards in and out based on how many times they were in the Block state. Why is that awesome? Because you know which priority tasks got ignored or demoted from priority state over the course of the project.


5. See Report Details by Project!

As usual, at least one of the addressed features in each release comes to us as a recommendation from one or a group of our users. Each month, we do our best to prioritize what Kanbanizers prioritize in order to deliver the most requested features or improvements on time. This month, it was a fix in the Reports section. Many administrators found that they needed to be able to see which project each task, and subsequently each logged time, was coming from. In the name of clarity and specificity, we have tried to be mindful of this by adding a column titled Project in the chart generated in reports. Check it out now! No information is missing.


 Keep Kanbanizing!

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