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 1. Email Messages Become Task Cards Automatically with Email Integration

In Release 4.12, we are focusing on our email integration feature and making it as comprehensive as possible so everyone can hook their email address to any board in Kanbanize. Upgrade your email messages by transforming them into actionable task cards on your project board automatically. You can even respond right from the card and chronicle the entire communication in the comments section of individual cards. The new email integration is a fantastic way to set up a flexible ticketing system for support or just boost your collaboration level on a smaller scale depending on your project. If you add Runtime Policies to the mix, you can make creating and updating cards over email a breeze so you can focus on the tough stuff.

Check out the dedicated blog post and a tutorial video on setting up Kanbanize email integration.


2.  Schedule Your Meetings in Advance

* Since this post was first published, the Moxtra collaboration feature has been deprecated and is no longer available in Kanbanize. 

We’ve heard of so many project managers structure their time based on the mantra “If it’s not written in the calendar, I won’t know it’s happening.” Can we blame them? Time has become such a valuable commodity these days that people schedule weeks and months ahead in order to make sure they can fit everything in in one lifetime. That’s why, after introducing Moxtra calls and chat, we are making sure our users can schedule their meetings in advance right inside Kanbanize. An upcoming meeting can be defined by a host, internal and external parties get invites to their email along with a join link so that when the time for the event arrives, everyone is ready to go – no lingering, wondering who, what, where!  Read more about this in the dedicated post.


3.  Attach from OneDrive

Kanbanizers always want to make things as efficient as possible so we want to make sure that all information about a given task can live comfortably in its dedicated card on the project board itself. That means its related files too! To that end, we’re excited to announce our integration with OneDrive, which allows you to add files directly from your OneDrive cloud account in addition to Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. We know all your info doesn’t live only on your Desktop, some of it is hosted elsewhere, and we wouldn’t want you rummaging back and forth so we’re adding to the options.


4. Manage your Block Reasons

Blocking a task means there is an issue related to it that needs the attention of the team to be resolved. Avoid moving blocked cards forward to the right on your board before you tackle the issue that seems to be preventing the task’s progress. Every time a card gets blocked on the board, the user must input a block reason. Now, we’ve built a way for users to manage their block reasons by building a list of the most common reasons and selecting them repeatedly instead of typing out the different wording of a similar issue. This might seem like a small change but it allows you to collect statistics and analyze an overview of the most common issues among the tasks in a project. Analyze the statistic and you’ll know how to fix it!


 Keep Kanbanizing!

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One thought on “Version 4.12 – What’s New?

  1. Darren Aitcheson

    Hi folks – a useful feature on the Process Control graph (when in histogram view) would be the ability to aggregate by number of hours (or half-hours, or something). At the moment, it’s pretty useless for any process that takes less than 1 day, as it always shows 100%…



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