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 1. Flows Chart in Analytics is Cumulative Flow 2.0


Analytics in Kanbanize is one of the places for which we will always insist on developing additional features. The charts and graphics that appear there allow us to make conclusions about data collected from our own process and make more informed decisions about what to do next. Leaving your own progress to chance seems careless in the face of competition and the intense need to steadily move forward. Your best bet for success if to monitor your process closely and keep the reins on your flow.

The Flows chart can aggregate by different periods and can even show information for the size field and number-based custom fields. For example, you can now visualize the accumulated completed work, that is usually tracked in the size field, but also cost if you’ve been tracking it in a custom field on your board! It began collecting data the moment version 4.16 was released and it can present valuable information for number of cards but also blocked and cycle times.

We are grooming the Flows chart to replace the original Cumulative Flow Chart, our first ever graph in analytics. The Flows show you everything the Cumulative Flow diagram can but with several additions that make it a 2.0, further advanced version of its predecessor.

Make the Flows Chart work for you by following the instructions in our dedicated article here. 


2. Push Notifications in the Kanbanize Android App


There are improvements in the mobile version of the Kanbanize app for Android! If you’re used to having your Kanban on you at all times, you can now look forward to push notifications from your app about changes occurring in the account. This new addition ensures that you receive alerts for the actions on your Kanban board that might require your immediate attention and you can react to information right on time, no matter what the situation.

3. Attach Files Directly to Comments


We have added the ability to add Attachments specifically to comments so that important documents do not get tacked onto the attachments of an entire card if they were only relevant to the comment at hand. Getting specific is what we’re all about and this feature really shows it. There’s just no time to waste sifting through old files if they’re not the ones you’re looking for.

4. Send Automatic Notifications to Card Assignees and Contributors 

Kanbanize_Blog_WhatsNew_sendNoti_1040x400pxAs part of the notifications option in the selection of automation (runtime) policies in Kanbanize, we have added two new ways to keep everyone in the loop. Choose to send an email and in app notification to an Assignee or Contributor of a card if the card gets modified in some way. If the particular trigger defined by the runtime policy occurs, the users affiliated with the card will be the first to know. Due to the fact that this type of notification does not require admins to predefine the exact recipient user they can set up the policy without being sure who the assignees or contributors of a task are specifically. Updates, made easy.

5. New Search Filters for Exact Reporting and Checkups


There are brand new filters in search that help you get specific when looking for information in Kanbanize. There’s options to show only cards that have comments or search through the contents of all comments to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also sort the cards in your account based on the status of their subtasks, whether some or all or none are done. It’s a mini progress report in itself!

The new filters are referred to as:

Subtask Status: helps when you’re searching for finished or unfinished individual subtasks in the system.

Subtasks Progress: helps when you’re searching for task cards the subtasks of which are in some phase of getting processed, ALL are done, or NONE have been finished yet.

Comments: Allows you to search for tasks that have or don’t have comments, as well as do a search for defined excerpts of a comment thread to find a conversation that happened in comments quickly.

Times Moved To: The Development and Quality Assurance team have been using the Times Moved to addition to refine their search and check on whether any features are moving between in development and QA columns too much and need special attention.


6. Want to link Kanbanize to another email account. Do it by easily changing your email address in My Account and confirming through your email client. 


Through the My Account tab users or administrators in an account can now easily change the e-mail address associated with your Kanbanize account. It is important to note that to change the email of your user successfully, you must activate the new email by following the instructions in the confirmation message to the new address. After the fact, notifications will be sent and logins will be completed using the new email address. 

 Keep Kanbanizing!

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4 thoughts on “Version 4.16 – What’s New this Month?

  1. Mike

    Very happy to see #4! This feature something that our teams will use a lot.
    Looking forward to more context-aware runtime policies – creating child cards with derived names, derived deadlines, and other uses of “tokens”, etc.

    1. Monica Georgieff Post author

      Thanks so much, Mike! We’re thrilled to hear you think we’re on the right track. Our aim is to consistently enhance the runtime policies as we go forward! Your feedback is much appreciated 🙂

  2. Conrado

    Hello, I’m searching for something like a burndown report, based on size of my cards, is this possible or is coming in any future version?

    I’m planning to expand kanbanize to my whole team(30ppl) but this is crucial to us..


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