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1. Updates in Analytics allow users to exclude weekends, add advanced filters and get data by hovering over a visualization


In the releases since the beginning of the year, we have focused on enhancing our Analytics module to make it as flexible, informative and user-friendly as possible.  In addition to introducing entirely new charts and visualizations, we are making each configuration more accurate than the last and with the option to be configured as specifically as each user requires.

We have added the opportunity to exclude weekends from chart calculations for the sake of accuracy, the ability to use the Advanced Filter option not just in the Flows Chart but in the new Heat Map and Trends Chart as well, and, furthermore, to derive particular data just by hovering over sections of your charts.

Read the details about these new addition to Analytics in the dedicated post and see how they fit into the bigger picture of your account data.


2. New Runtime Policies automatically react to exceeded and reached WIP limits anywhere in the account


Two new additions to the available runtime policies you can set up in your account encourage your team’s adoption of WIP limits and handles their breach automatically in the system.

Set up WIP Limit Exceeded and WIP Limit Reached automations as triggers to actions somewhere else in your boards and you’ll notice WIP limits become not just an option but a mandatory tool for achieving your best efficiency.

Read the dedicated post about how to configure these new business rules and what you can do with them once you’ve got them set up in your account.

3. iOS and Android Get Performance Boosts and New Options for Push Notifications 


Our Android and iOS Kanbanize apps are becoming increasingly in tune with the way you interact with your Kanban board as well as your team using your mobile device. This month’s prominent addition to iOS is a powerful back end optimization you might not be able to see but we guarantee you’ll feel. iOS push notifications are now lightning fast and should arrive instantaneously. By conserving from the actions that occur simultaneously behind the scenes, the app will be able to perform seamlessly for users. In Android, two new buttons in the event of a received push notification give you the option to Snooze and show later or See in Board and open the board from which the notification came.

4. My Queue now shows priority of tasks


The retractable My Queue panel on the right hand side of any board now shows the priority level for any task so you can get even more information about pending cards and how to organize them in time.

5. Create cards freely anywhere in a given column


Prior to this release’s flexibility enhancement, newly created cards were added to the bottom of the column in which they were initialized, below all existing tasks. From update 4.17 onward, users have the option to create new Kanban cards at the top, at the bottom or between existing cards in a column by right clicking or double clicking in the desired position.


6. Deadline Due Tomorrow Notifications are now out of the box


Formerly a runtime policy, deadline due tomorrow notifications are now out of the box. In other words, use My Account to set up the regular receipt of in-app notifications or emails (or both!) to send you reminders one day before a set deadline defined in a card you’re assigned to. These nifty alerts help you plan for the coming day and keep you one step ahead of your approaching deadlines.


7. New default task view settings show more card details


A simple tweak in our default task view settings means seeing more card details such as cycle time and subtasks without any additional set up required.


8. Add Files to Cards, Comments and now…Subtasks as well


It seems like only yesterday that attachment files only lived in card details. However, since the beginning of the year, our releases have expanded to include the option to attach separate files to a comment in a card and now, to a subtask. From now in, you can link related files directly to their relevant unit (subtask, task or comment) and keep track of all the important information surrounding the completion of a card.


9. NEW in Search Criteria: Worklog Update Date


If you’re in the habit of logging hours for your tasks, there is a new Search criterion that can help you navigate everything you’ve been working on for a flexible defined period. This way, even if a task has not been moved to Done quite yet, you can report that you’ve made headway by easily generating the worklog you’ve been tracking.


10. Assignee & Contributor notifications 


There’s another automatic notification on the horizon. Users identified in the Contributor custom field of a card will also get instant notifications about updates to that card as if they held the status of assignees. In other words, if you’ve switched on notifications for cards you’re assigned to via My Account, then you’ll be getting alerts for cards where you are an assignee as well as cards where you are a contributor.

 Keep Kanbanizing!

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