This is an archived page. Since this article was first published, some features and interface elements have been changed. Please, visit our Knowledge Base for an updated version.

1. New Main Dashboards Redesigned for the Future

Kanbanize New Dashboard

The redesigned project dashboard in every Kanbanize account signals a new era of more opportunities for customization, relevant at-a-glance metrics for entire accounts and a sleek, intuitive design that suits your modern team. Additions include a targeted filter for boards and projects that can search for as many terms as you require at a time (comma-separated), a user-friendly retractable button for reports and new projects as well as direct access to User Guides and other resources to make your Kanbanize experience a great one every time you log in.

Read about the new changes in the Dashboard and what’s coming up next for this area of the software in the dedicated article.

2.  Invoke Web Service Function is Enhanced for Dynamic Parameters

Web Service Invoke in Kanbanize

Have you been linking other online systems with Kanbanize? Even if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to experiment because a new addition to the invoke web service function has enhanced this action to include dynamic parameters. These make it possible to integrate with almost any other system by configuring the fields in Kanbanize you want to communicate dynamically with the external service of your choice. In the future, we will be expanding the list of tools to which Kanbanize can easily post data –  expect more details about linking Kanbanize with Slack, Salesforce and others.

For the technical details and how dynamic perimeter mapping can make your process even faster, go to the dedicated article on the topic here.

3. Get Your Notifications from Kanbanize in Real Time

Real-time Notifications in Kanbanize

Receive notifications from Kanbanize in real time without having to refresh your board means you will never have to catch up with mentions, changes on the board or updates relevant to your work. Notifications will continue to appear in the familiar top-right corner of your menu and pop up as they come in. No wait times, no lag, and, most importantly, no refresh, brings information from being right around the corner, to being right in front of you on your Kanbanize screen.

4. USER REQUEST: Hot Keys for Expand & Collapse 

New Hot Keys in Kanbanize

New hot keys are hot out of RnD and available in release 4.19.

The  (ALT+SHIFT+C) command will collapse all columns and swimlanes and hide the cards on the board in their respective cells.

The (ALT+SHIFT+E) command will expand all columns and swimlanes to reveal the cards within.

*Note: The command for a swift and mouse-free log out from your account will now be triggered by (ALT+SHIFT+L).

5. Logging Time and Opening Large Boards in iOS? No problem. 

Performance Boost for Big Boards in Kanbanize iPhone

This May’s release 4.19 brings with itself enhancements in iOS as well. A shift in the architecture now allows Kanbanize iOS users to open even their largest boards in the mobile app without any obstacles or lag. By making sure only the cards visible in the view of the user screen are loaded at once, our iOS engineers are allowing the app to load cards in batches instead of aiming to produce 100+ cards at once and putting strain on your processor.

What you see won’t change but you’ll notice an improvement in the app’s response time and its ability to handle your request at a higher rate than ever before.

Apart from that, we made it possible to log time for a given date, something which was requested by a handful of our users. We hope you will be making full use of this new feature!

Happy Kanbanizing!

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2 thoughts on “Version 4.19 – What’s New this Month?


    Trying to use K on Android smartphone, navigation is very difficult. Any plans to update that UI?

    1. Monica Georgieff

      Hi Andrew,

      I understand your request completely! We do have plans to update the UI but we can’t make any promises about the timeline and when the changes will be ready. We’ll be sure to let you know when we make headway in that area. 🙂 Best, Monica


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