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New Powerful Search

Running your business successfully requires spending time into data analytics or examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. The data is there stored as various tasks hanging on your Kanban boards. To extract the right information in the right format is where you need a powerful tool. This is why the Kanbanize 4.2 Release was entirely focused on providing you the means to precisely pull the required data out of your boards.

The new search panel, has several key components:

  • Search Refinement Area.
    Search_Criteria_FieldsWhere you could specify your search criteria, with different fields and values. You could add custom fields and select specific ranges, digging into every single detail of your data.

    • Text: is, is not, contains, does not contain
    • Numeric: is equal to, is not equal to, greater than, lesser than
    • Date: is, is not, before, after, is between from custom ranges or preset as of Today; This Week; Last Week; This Month; Last Month; Overdue;
    • Assignees: is, is not from a list of users.
    • Drop Down: is, is not from a list of values


  • Configure_SearchConfigure Result Output.
    You can choose which attributes of a card should be present in the result. Do that by selecting only those fields from the tasks that matter and need to be visible in your search results.
  • Save and Load Search Criteria
    If you perform regular searches it would be annoying to configure the steps every single time. That is why we provide the option to save a given search configuration and load it on-demand.
  • Export your Result into Excel.
    Common usage of the search is for generating custom reports. With the enhanced search criteria and  predefined output view, the next natural step is to export your data and load it directly into Excel.

Want to know more?
Read the full article here.

GitHub Integration


Kanbanize has introduced a service where every commit message will be processed and your changes will be reflected on the corresponding Kanban card. When a local branch is pushed to a repository all local commits will also be processed one by one.
If you want to know how to set up and use the GitHub integration, then read the full article here.

Improvements and Enhancements

Prevent Concurrency Changes

Warning ChangesTo achieve remote collaboration your system needs a mechanism to prevent non synchronized changes to overwrite each other. This is very likely to happen in larger teams and departments when two or more team members work on the same task. Having many small and dynamic tasks going fast trough your board will also increase the chance of collision. Our socket events kick in immediately and bring real time changes to the board, reflecting your colleagues’ actions. However, when a single task is open and you need more time to change the description, it is very likely that meanwhile someone else had already changed few properties for example. To prevent you from overwriting the previous changes, we have introduced a notification that shows on your screen when a change in the background has occurred.

Loading the Last Board After Login
Sessions are meant to expire for security and performance reasons. To save time and focus, we started tracking your last state into the account and we will directly open the last board you were on (unless you have exited the system on purpose via the exit button).

Attachments Icon
Attachments_ViewCards that have attachments are important for many of our users and they need a way to quickly see if any files have been uploaded or not. That’s why we have added the option to view your attachments directly on your task. From the task view settings you can choose whether to see them as a single icon or a full list with links for quick access.

We hope you will enjoy the enhancements we have introduced and mostly the new Powerful Search Functionality that will unlock the upcoming extended analytics and dashboard capabilities.

Happy Kanabnizing with the Kanbanize New 4.2 Version – The best Kanban Software that improves your business.

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3 thoughts on “Version 4.2 – What’s New?

  1. Jakub

    Hey guys,
    Why board cant be filtered by custom fields? I need same filters as in advanced search. For example filter board by tasks where “customfield-text” is/contains “value”. Very important feature for me.
    Also new type of custom fields should be added – checkbox, or another tags field.

    1. Dimitar Karaivanov

      Hello Jakub,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      We understand why you need a more sophisticated filter on the board, but we have deliberately chosen to split the filter and search capabilities and dedicate some actions to both of the features and others to the search only. In a future release we plan to introduce the capability to load a saved search as a board filter, which should solve your case. Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Doug

    I’ll echo Jakub’s comment: I love the ability to have custom fields, but the inability to filter with them dramatically reduces their usefulness. I look forward to the expanded filtering capability you mention. — Doug


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