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Efficiency and Visual Data representation go hand in hand. The Kanban method has the visual approach embedded in its core and also has the WIP limits to ensure efficiency. We believe that the only way to take decisions is through data and its proper analysis and that’s why the 4.3 release was dedicated on providing customizable dashboards.


It’s never been so easy to view your teams, departments or even the whole business progress on a global view. Just select the time range in each area and you will see how that stands as a fraction of your total activities. You could go even deeper, just click on the number and you will be redirected to a list of all cards with their details in front of your eyes.

With the color-coded distribution bars of each board, you could easily compare the different teams and their statuses, and quickly notice big piles of WIP, which are your #1 enemy.

For more details about the Kanban Dashboards in Kanbanize, click here.

New Policies

Those very light BPM-like (Business Process Management) rules will help you unlock many great scenarios out of your existing Kanban boards.

We have introduced  a new trigger with a set of actions that covers many use-cases from your daily activities. In general, we have the following:


Scenario: Task is moved, either by a person or received by e-mail to specific columns, then the policy will shape the task to match your business process. For more details, check our dedicated article: If This Then That – Kanban Runtime Policies (part II)



Right after  the integration with Dropbox, we’ve decided to pursue another one: GDrive. It is now a matter of seconds to attach a file from your GDrive and either make it private or share it with the world.

Just imagine how easy it would be to collaborate with a lot of people on a shared document that gets updated real-time. This is the future of Kanban collaboration and we are here to help!



Our list of integrations would  not be complete without the leader in business file sharing and storage services: BOX.

As with Dropbox and GDrive, attaching a file from box is a matter of seconds and makes your files available for colleagues to collaborate on. Great, isn’t it?

New Payment Facility


As of now, all users can subscribe or upgrade their plans from within the tool. We used to support all payments from outside the software, but we’ve decided to change that behavior due to many errors and questions that we had to address in the past.

Now it’s all in once place with a lot of automation and hard work behind it.


Search Enhancements

Just when you thought there couldn’t be a more powerful search facility in a Kanban Sofware system, we’ve decided to jump in with a bunch of new search “pills”. With the new release you can query the system with criteria like Title, Description, First date moved to, Last date moved to and many more. Nothing can be hidden from you, not any more!







Stay productive with Kanbanize – The Kanban Software for Businesses!



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