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Hello friends,

First of all, let us wish you a happy and fruitful 2015. It surely will be amazing for Kanbanize and we hope it’ll be the same for your families and business affairs!

With that said, let us dive into what’s new with the new version.

Run-time Policies

The major new thing that we have is the three new policies

  • Mirror card is moved
  • Relative card is moved
  • The conceptually new Time-based policies

Time Based Policy in Kanbanize








You MUST see what these policies can do, so click here to read the full blog article.

New Real-time Server

With the user base growing, we’ve realized that we need a more robust and stable solution to support our real-time update functionality. We’ve implemented the new web socket server on a short notice and we have it in production already. It’s a scalable and reliable piece of software and we are happy to have it out there.

Rela-time collaboration in Kanbanize

As a matter of fact, we had two short outages in our US datacenter last month, exactly because of the old implementation. This was and is totally unacceptable to us so we took the decision to re-implement the updates server with an alternative technology. It took us exactly 8 days to analyze the issue, to search for alternatives and to implement a new solution from scratch.

Outages don’t make us proud, but we’re sharing all that to reiterate that we will always do whatever it takes to make your experience with Kanbanize flawless.

iOS Push Notifications

Kanbanize for iOS push notifications

While we’re speaking of real-time notifications, we should also cover the new push notifications feature in the iPhone and iPad apps.

With 4.4, whenever someone changes a card on your board you will receive real-time notification directly on your mobile device. You would able able to snooze the notification or mark it as seen.

If it is important that you always stay updated with the latest changes, this is the best solution to go.

Check the details here.

GitHub Integration Improvements

Right after the beta release of the GitHub integration we had lots of users singing up for it and getting value out of this new capability. One piece of feedback that we’ve consistently received is the ability to filter by branch and commit. So, there we have it in 4.4.

GitHub to Kanbanize IntegrationApart from that we are working on a sort of one-way GitHub to Kanbanize synchronization, meaning that whenever you create an issue in GitHub a new card will be created in Kanbanize and whenever you close the issue in GitHub, the corresponding card will be moved to Done on your Kanban board. When we get the web hooks feature out the door, we will make the synchronization bi-directional and will cover even the most sophisticated scenarios.

Create and edit links via the API

Updating the API is also something that we do on a regular basis. Creating and editing links via the API is somewhat self-explanatory, but quite handy if you want to integrate Kanbanize with another system.

Links Between Kanban Cards









You are now able to link or unlink cards from your code and by that replicate a complex hierarchical structure that you have in  external system into Kanbanize. Quite useful stuff!

Advanced Search and Reporting

Last but not least, we’ve managed to refactor the advanced search code and make its execution much faster for complex queries. Although it’s just one sentence on the what’s new blog, this was a hardcore development effort that allows us to scale the search facility and meet the ever increasing demand for advanced Kanban reporting.

Our benchmarks show a 10x improvement for the complex queries and this exceeded our target of around 5x improvement. We’re quite proud of that!

Process control chart updates

Some great stuff on the analytics part too. With direct feedback from one of our customers we’ve enhanced the Process Control chart to support filtering by type, color, custom fields, etc.

Kanbanize Process Control Chart Improvements

Kanbanize Process Control Chart Improvements in 3D

On top of that we added the possibility to redraw the chart without any aggregation period, which allows you to disregard the outliers in the data and by that make your analysis much more accurate.


We’ve also added the 3D visualization possibility, which is quite useful if you’re trying to digest hundreds of dots on the chart.




We hope you’ll love what we have in 4.4 as much as we do! And if you want to see what’s coming down next, this is the best place to read – click.

Happy Kanbanizing with Kanbanize – The Kanban Software for Businesses!

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