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Hello Friends,

We are glad to present the new release that we have deployed last week. As usual it is full of new cool things, so make sure to check the details below.

New Drag and Drop

With 4.5 the entire drag and drop functionality has been re-written from scratch to optimize the performance of the boards with multiple cards and to make the user experience more pleasant. We still have some work to do regarding the support of touch devices, but it is a work in progress and will be out soon.

Drag and drop in Kanbanize

Recurring Runtime Policies

4.5 brought us a new type of policy that can update cards based on a schedule that you define. Here are a few examples of what you can achieve with this new gem:

“Kanbanize, I want you to scan my boards every day at 9 am and change the color to red for all cards that are assigned to me.”

“Kanbanize, I want you to scan my boards every workday at 10 am and move all cards with cycle time greater than 3 days to Follow-up”.

“Kanbanize, I want you to scan my boards every first Tuesday of the month and move cards with high priority out of the backlog to the “Requested” column.

… and literally hundreds more…

Recurring run-time policies in Kanbanize

Check the dedicated article for more details.

Web Service Caller (Webhooks)

We have been asked multiple times how could Kanbanize be integrated with other tools that people use in their daily work. Up to now this has only been possible by API polling every X minutes. Now we have a much more flexible and advanced approach to notify endpoints for changes – the ability to call external web services from within Kanbanize.

The web service caller lives in the runtime policies module as an additional action that can be configured for the “Card is created” and “Card is moved” policies.

Webhooks configuration UI in Kanbanize

This is the first step that we take to call external services from Kanbanize. With the upcoming releases we will add a new policy to be triggered when a card is updated and we will attach the webhooks feature to it as well. This would make full bi-directional integrations possible, which is a major requirement for some of our customers. Check the dedicated article for more details.

iOS v2.5.1 Available

The new version of the iOS app includes the following great improvements:

  • Faster loading for boards and tasks when a push notification is opened
  • Tasks from push notifications are now opened in the context of their board
  • Bug fixes for issues reported by customers

If you are curious to know what’s currently going on with Kanbanize, check the dedicated article here.

Happy Kanbanizing with Kanbanize – The Kanban Software for Businesses

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