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Hello Friends,

We are excited to announce that the new version 4.6 was released this weekend. As always there’s a lot of great stuff and with this article we would like to update you with the details.

1. Recurring Cards

Right after the mind-blowing recurring updates from version 4.5 we are releasing the possibility to create recurring cards in Kanbanize. We’re not bragging or anything, but this feature is actually really good.

Not only do we save you the hassle of creating the same cards each day, week or month but we’ve also established the foundations of what the future card in Kanbanize will look like. Much more elegant, independent from the board to display or edit data and responsive to screens of different sizes. This is just the beginning of a HUGE set of improvements on the card details level, so stay tuned for more later this year.

Check the dedicated blog post for more details about this feature.

Recurring Cards in Kanbanize

2. Performance Improvements

With the size of the product growing significantly over the past few years there were cases where performance had become a concern. With the current release we took great pains to optimize these bottlenecks and improve the general usability of Kanbanize. Our benchmarks show 2x improvements when loading a board or when working with cards, which is a great achievement by the RnD team and we hope it will make everyone’s lives easier (and faster).

3. Import / Export Facility

It is extremely delightful for us to have one of the most frequently requested features of all time – Import / Export facility. The loop is closed – you can export any data with the Advanced search and reporting tool and then import it into a project or board of your preference.

The new import supports all the regular card fields like Title, Description, Color, Size, Priority, etc. and also all the custom fields that you have defined for a particular board. It is useless to enumerate the scenarios where such a tool may come in handy, so we will leave it up to you to explore that part after reading the dedicated blog post.

Import Facility in Kanbanize

Import Facility in Kanbanize

4. API Enhancements

It is amazing how many people use the API in Kanbanize to automate various tasks like card creation, data extraction, synchronization with proprietary systems, etc. To make developers’ lives easier we’ve added two methods that have been persistently requested by the community:

Custom fields support

With version 4.6, if a custom field is assigned to a board you will be able to create cards in that board and directly add any of the available  custom fields to these cards. Just specify the custom field name and value as any other regular field and the magic will happen.

Create cards in a specific column or swimlane

The ability to create cards directly in a specified column or lane is a great improvement that will save developers the extra “move” call after card creation. This change is backwards compatible, but we recommend that everyone updates their code to make use of this new capability.

More detailed documentation is available on our official web page: click.

5. Usability / Administration Enhancements

Show the number of cards IN PROGRESS when a swimlane is collapsed

We have made this small trick possible to show you the number of cards that are in progress for a particular swimlane. It saves the extra click and some counting when all you want to know is the number of cards per area.

Number of cards in collapsed swimlanes

Board name added to page title

You will love this small enhancement if you usually “kanbanize” with multiple boards open in different browser tabs. It’s self-explanatory so a screen shot is just enough:





Only admins or PMs see logged time

This one is a privacy-related requirement coming from some of our customers. Starting from 4.6 regular users should only see time that they have logged themselves. If you are a PM, you should see all times logged in the projects that you are a PM for and only your own time for cards outside these projects. Administrators have full access to all data in any project.

Default card view settings for all members of a board

We get asked about this quite often and we thought it would be an easy fix to make. If you want to make sure that all members of a board will see the same thing (at least initially) you can configure a particular card view and then overwrite everyone else’s settings.

Apply card view settings for all users

Apply card view settings for all users

Note that users will still be able to overwrite the settings that you apply and that only PMs or Admins will be able to apply user settings for everyone.

6. New iOS Releases

The last release (2.5.2) and the upcoming one (2.5.3) bring improvements in the notifications management, the date/time handling in the app and a lot of performance improvements related to the API enhancements mentioned in section 4 above. Keep enjoying the native apps and do get in touch when you have great ideas worth sharing.

If you are curious to know what’s currently going on with Kanbanize, check the dedicated article here.

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