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Hi Kanbanizers,

This weekend, we released the improved and updated version 4.7! It represents the next step in our polishing of some of your favorite features and adding new ones to the system in order to optimize the task and time tracking in your teams. We promise your process won’t be disturbed in the least, instead you might notice that everything is running even more smoothly than before. Get the scoop on the details below.

1. Card is Updated Runtime Policy

As our latest addition to the runtime policies for administrators and project managers we will be adding a runtime policy based on what actions can be triggered when a card’s attributes are updated/changed. The reaction to each type of change on the card is set by the administrator and can translate into various actions across other boards or in the same board in the account.

For example, if I change the assignee of a particular card on the Marketing board, a new card will be created in the requested section in Research & Development and be brought to the attention of the people who keep an eye on that board. 

This feature can be an extremely powerful tool for automating menial processes and making sure no card gets left behind. This feature is very aware of our daily preoccupation that time is, in fact, precious.

new feature card updated

Check the dedicated blog post for more details about this feature and how you can use it not only across boards but also across systems.

2. Attachments Preview Widget

We are always adding on attachments to our cards but don’t always want to download them onto our devices directly. Version 4.7 allows you to just view the attachments using your browser as well as to scroll through if there is more than one, instead of creating clutter in your Downloads Folder.

Attchment Preview

3. Keep Me Logged In!

In this update, we have been able to satisfy a recurring user request by making some significant infrastructure changes in order to skip a pesky extra step in the logging in process. Instead of just being “Remembered” by your browser, Kanbanize will keep you logged in to your account until you explicitly Exit from within the system. No need to log in several times a day!

4. Improved Drag & Drop Features for Touch Devices

If you are one of the many people using Kanbanize on a device with a touch screen, be it an iPhone, tablet or iPad, this one is for you! We have taken pains in order to improve the drag & drop function on the board. Now, you can smoothly transition cards between columns and swimlanes helping you keep your progress up to date in any situation, no matter what sort of device you’re operating from.

5. API Enhancements

We are glad to see so many of you making great use of the APIs in order to connect various systems.

Relative Links in the get_links API

Your requests are our priority so, we have made some new method integration available to our community of users. With version 4.7, you now have an opportunity to use the get_links API to get the links for your relative cards as well as the parent and child cards.

6. Usability Enhancements

Feedback Panel is now called “Customer Support”

Our new category filter lets you target your specific questions to the Sales or Technical parts of our team as well as bring up Technical Issues to our developers. We will be ready to help!

Subtask Checkbox in Timesheets Per Person is ON by Default

The Checked Subtask Box in our Timesheet Report section is a small tweak that can save a lot of headaches when the time comes around to be accountable for the number of hours you spent on a task. It ensures that the hours you spend working on card subtasks get tracked.


Click Anywhere on a Column to Expand it

We have simplified the view options for columns by making it possible to expand a column by clicking anywhere within its parameters. There are no hot points on the columns anymore, the whole area is fair game!


Chart Sizes Are Dynamically Adjusted Based on Screen Resolution

It is important to us for our users to be able to always check up on their results and navigate their own data in a comfortable way. Now you get a wider view of all your different charts in analytics because they adjust themselves dynamically based on screen resolution. On the Cumulative Flow Diagram, in particular, you can even see all the important data points at a glance. Check out the screenshot of the data points function below.


Context Menu in Done and Archive Areas is Changed

Based on your needs, we have recently added a fully-functional context menu even for tasks in the Done and Archive sections of your board. This gives you more flexibility in regards to choosing in which part of the Kanban board you want to change the different attributes of your card or add attachments and subtasks to it.


We are confident that these new additions will take your kanbanizing to another level!

Keep Kanbanizing!

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