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Hey there Kanbanizers,

Another month gone, another update released! This May brings us Kanbanize Version 4.8, a timely and extensive update, chock full of the features you need to keep your workflow going. This version is part of our persistent push forward towards achieving premium usability, even more powerful functionality and developing Kanbanize as a platform that can anticipate and exceed your productivity needs. Continuous improvement has become our integral value and helping businesses worldwide navigate and enhance their own workflow is our mission. Read on to find out more about what we have added to our software this time around.

1. Calendars have Come to Kanbanize 

We are excited to finally announce the addition of one of the features our users have been asking about most often. The Kanbanize calendar! The calendar function can be accessed from the grid menu on the right hand side of your board and highlights upcoming deadlines and due dates so you can keep track at a glance. It unifies all your cards by date and can help you plan your time for projects in a more organized way.



Check the dedicated blog post for more details about this feature and how you can use it to keep an eye on the overall process and progress of your undertakings.

2. Filter Your Board by Custom Fields 

Filtering  through custom fields has been popping up as a request from our users over and over again and we managed to squeeze it into this release thanks to the heroic effort of our team! It was no small tweak but it is completely worth it. When we combine all the time we spent stuck searching for something located in a custom field of a card and had to go about it the long way (through the general search or some other roundabout)  – we realize how this added feature can make up for a lot of lost time. When you know what you are looking for and it’s in a custom field section you previously set up in your cards, set the board filter to search for it more specifically.

3. New Actions in the Runtime Policies 

We are so glad to see you take your process to the next level using our Runtime Policies, that is why we have added more actions about what they can do for you. This means that whatever runtime policy you’re setting up you have the ability to Add any new type of action you might need in the situation without the previous limitations. The addition of more possible actions for the different runtime policies you want to undertake has made this feature even more flexible than before. It looks like this and can work wonders for your automation!

actions available

4. An Even More Flexible Filter for your Specific Needs 

Customize your account Search

In your general account Search, you can now set more specific criteria for your search. This comes in handy when you want to access or showcase particular information quickly. For example, when searching boards, you are not limited to choosing between one board or all boards but can now choose to narrow your search to 2/3 specific boards in your system. Use the +OR button to add your custom search options.

Customize your Board Filter

In the same vein, apply this on the board level by choosing several criteria in the priority, color, assignee, size and type attributes to get the most specific search possible.


Customize your Runtime Policies

You didn’t think we would leave this feature out of our runtime policies, did you? Now you can set even more specific runtime policies for two, three, four or more boards at a time, for more than one assignee at the same time and most other attributes. This way you can set your entire team up with automated cards as quickly as possible.


5. What is Out of beta?

*We call the features we are currently testing and those that can sometimes act in an unstable way beta features. When a feature is perfected and you can count on it to be reliable, this feature is referred to as out of beta.

Runtime Policies are Out of beta

The ability to apply a variety of new actions and set up specific automated policies for your needs is now applicable to all the runtime policies. That’s why we are officially calling it  – the runtime policies are finally out of beta!

 Email Integration is Out of beta

The e-mail integration with Kanbanize is smoother than ever. Now, when you get an e-mail as a card on your Kanban board, the visual elements and formatting of the material which was sent originally will not be disturbed. Everything will look the same as it would on your e-mail server and the way your sender meant for it to look! Check it out – buttons, pictures, columns  – it’s all there!

email integ

We are confident that these new additions will take your Кanbanizing to another level!


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2 thoughts on “Version 4.8 – What’s New?

  1. Tom Beck

    I like all of the updates in the latest release. I’m very interested in the ability to retain formatting of the Description when exporting. Any idea when you’ll be able to facilitate that? Today, when you export cards, all formatting, include line breaks a removed and you’re left with just a long string.


    1. Monica Georgieff Post author

      Hi Tom,

      there have been recent changes to the formatting of many aspects of Kanbanize, including the ability to keep existing formatting of various fields when exporting.
      We will be releasing many of these improvements for our July update – I hope you find that it’s better than before!


      Monica – Kanbanize


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