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Dear Kanbanizers,

This month, we’ve really taken the Kanban principles of continuous improvement to heart and tried to relate that to our product. We believe release 4.9 manages to improve upon a lot of the features we place an emphasis on in Kanbanize. We are definitely on the path to building Custom Dashboards for our users with the knowledge that the “at a glance” visualization of everything going on across an account right when you log in is one of the most valuable experiences we can realize with our efforts. The graphics function of the Search is a step towards having full blown Custom Dashboards very soon! The evolution of the calendar is also something we’ve been very committed to this past month. We think you will definitely notice the new ways to check on when your cards were created or modified using the calendar function as well as the reworkings of the Archive and most recent Notifications panel. Read more about everything new below and we’ll show you how we use it in our account.

1. Get graphics from any criteria defined in Search. 



Search just got more visual! The powerful search function shows you all the details of your tasks on the account level but can it map them? Now it can! With the click of the new bar graph icon in the top right corner, you can set an Advanced Search to target certain cards and then map them on a dynamic  x and y axis bar graph you can change the view of using the toggle bar below. It’s an easy way to visualize the log times of a certain user, the cycle times of cards on a project and make conclusions about the overall state of your work. Read about how to use them in the dedicated blog post.

2. Use your Calendars for more than just tracking deadlines.

Take advantage of the calendars in Kanbanize more than ever before. Now, you can adjust what types of dates your calendar is tracking for the cards on your board by tweaking with the setting after accessing the calendar itself (which tracks deadlines by default) from the grid menu.

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Open the configuring menu and choose from any regular or custom field that contains a date the calendar can track.


So instead of deadlines, the calendar can now show you cards which were last modified on the selected date.

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3. Check your Notifications from the reworked panel. 

The Notifications panel that shows you the most recent activity on your account has been reworked to collect the relevant information for last modified or created tasks in a more intuitive, comprehensive view. The information is now more digestible and easier to navigate so you can see what you’ve been working on most recently at a glance. You can even use this to remind yourself of your tasks from the previous day before your morning stand up with your team!

4. Browse your Archived Tasks in the improved panel view.

The Archives section of your board has never looked better now that we’ve tweaked the panel view. This way, even if your Archives are bulking up you can still navigate your past tasks in a breeze. Access the Archives through the column in your board and click Show Archived Tasks to monitor and, if you decide, Unarchive anything.


Thanks for taking the time to read about What’s New in 4.9, now go and try everything out if you haven’t already!

Keep Kanbanizing!


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