* Since this post was first published, the Moxtra collaboration feature has been deprecated and is no longer available in Kanbanize.

How can Video Conferencing in Kanbanize help your team ?

Moxtra Video Calling is one of our revolutionary, or should we say, evolutionary additions to release 4.10. It marks the first step in our integration with Moxtra, an app that helps modern teams communicate. We are particularly excited about it because it gives Kanbanize an extra boost in our collaboration functionality, which we place so much emphasis on in our tool. Video conference calling using the easy interface allows your team to collaborate in real time with each other as well as the external agents related to various projects or tasks. What’s even better, is that everything gets chronicled in the history of the related card from which the meeting was started and gives everyone an opportunity to keep track of the communication. No more back and forth about who said what – video conf calls in Kanbanize is the end of the broken telephone problem in your projects!

How to start a Video Conference Call?

Check out the screenshots of how to start a call or if you want to watch it happen in one go, watch the dedicated video below.

First, open up the card you want to start a call from. You can start a call from any card in any column or swimlane irrespective of any of its details. The Meeting option from the setting menu of each card will launch Video Conference Calling.


The pop-up interface asks you to choose the way you’d like to join a call. There are two options – through your mobile phone or landline and through your computer if you’re at your desk or with your laptop. The phone option gives you instructions about how to join from your location and the unique meeting ID.

Inviting internal members from the account and anyone else who needs to be part of the call is easy through the Invite button. Checkbox the internal invitees who will be notified by a link in their mailbox or manually type in an email address of someone outside of your Kanbanize account and they will get an invitation to their mailbox.


The chat window is very handy if you want to separate communications and move them forward in parallel, to track questions that come up during the call or just to clarify details among the participants while the host or presenter carries on uninterrupted.


One of the special features of the Video Call is that the sound can be recorded as a reference for people who were not able to make the call or for participants who want to check back about what happened during the meeting.


Whoever starts the call will be the default meeting host however, if someone else wants to lead the call at some point, the host can give presenter rights to anyone in the conference call. The host or presenter is the only member who can share their screen with the others.

During the call, you can Share Files back and forth, scribble on a Whiteboard if you need to visualize something or take files out of your Moxtra binders.


When you want to end your meeting, click the familiar Close icon in the top right corner of your panel. Later, refer back to the History tab of the card from which the Meeting was started. There, you will find the details of the Call – how long it was in duration, a downloadable recording if it was recorded and logged time to correspond with the time of the call.


Kanbanize is expanding, welcoming new friends and improving the breadth of our tool. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Dimitar Karaivanov

    Thanks for the comment Michael. I know the folks from Moxtra are working to provide support for Linux too. We ourselves run half of the RnD on Linux machines and we’d also be quite keen on getting the support extended there!


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