Use kanban to improve organizational efficiency

Kanban boards help streamline the workflow of a project because you can see everything that’s going on with a single glance.

The beauty of Kanban is that the concept can be scaled to meet the needs of the project or organization. Boards can be anything from extremely complex to simple. The ideal Kanban board for your team may not be something that works for another team.
As there are many different types, it is important that you find a board that meets your team’s needs. If you don’t, then it will negate most of the benefits you’d receive from using this project management philosophy. Here are 27 different styles of Kanban boards to give you an idea of ways you can organize your boards.

Customizing Kanban Boards

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Some of these example Kanban boards are geared towards specific industries but you can still mix and match the different types of boards to fit your project or type of work. Strategies like I.C.E. scoring can be implemented on cards for any project that needs help organizing their priorities.

How do you use your Kanban boards? Let us know in the comments below!

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