This is an archived page. Since this article was first published, some features and interface elements have been changed. Please, visit our Knowledge Base for an updated version.

1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Option Gives Security a Boost


Two factor authentication is our way of providing our users with increased security in their Kanbanize accounts. The safety of the sensitive information about you business that you keep in your accounts is very important to us. That’s why we’ve added the ability to log in using a second device (such as a phone or tablet) in addition to your desktop and a one time password that is generated every 30 seconds in the Kanbanize app. This feature is currently only available with a subscription for a Kanbanize Organizations Plan.  Read more about the set up and use of this added security option in the dedicated article. 

2. Cycle, Log and Block Time Trends Chart in Analytics


Trend reports are essential to any business or project. We’ve added cycle time, log time, and block time trends graphs to the powerful board analytics module to give all users in Kanbanize an easy to navigate, visual graph of their process over time. You can select various elements of your boards and task cards that your trend chart will show and be as specific or as general as you want. Read more about how to make the most out of trend graphs in analytics in the dedicated post.


3. Cards Now Open Up in the Same Browser Window


Cards are the essential units of our work breakdown structure in Kanban. That’s why we’re investing a lot of time in improving the way users interact with them. In this release, there have been several little changes and two fairly large ones in the area of individual task details. The largest enhancement, however, is how cards get accessed.

Before, opening a card from Search meant an entirely new tab in your browser and the loading and reloading of an entirely new board. This used to put a strain on your browser and slow things down – it was not the most efficient way possible!

Now, cards open up in the same browser window or tab so you don’t have to reload the entire origin board of the specific card if you are solely interested in its details.

It’s much quicker and easier to navigate!

4. Our Collaboration Platform is Officially Availablе 

* Since this post was first published, the Moxtra collaboration feature has been deprecated and is no longer available in Kanbanize. 

We will take this opportunity to announce that our collaboration platform is now officially available as an add-on to all Kanbanize accounts. For the past half a year, we have been working on enhancing this feature and testing its functionality. This essential interaction tool is one of the tenets of how Kanban and Kanbanize promote communication and visibility.

Why is the Collaboration Platform in Kanbanize awesome? Because you can:

  • host voice calls (VoIP) & meetings with a screen sharing video calling option
  • schedule meetings in Kanbanize with users as well as external stakeholders in advance
  • automatically add events to internal and external calendars from the invitation
  • create chats associated with specific tasks using the internal Kanbanize chat
  • use the whiteboard feature to brainstorm ideas with everyone in the meeting
  • record audio of meetings to share with your team if not everyone can be present
  • have hours automatically logged to you in Kanbanize when you participate in a meeting

You can even provide support, customer care and host demos for potential leads using the sophisticated yet completely user -friendly collaboration platform in Kanbanize.

Want to know more about our collaboration platform?

Find more details about this add-on in the Payment Plan Panel of your Kanbanize account or contact for a personlized demo of this feature to find out what it can do to boost your business!

 5. Heat Maps Have Been Optimized 


In the last release, you heard us raving about heat maps. Since then, we’ve gotten tons of positive feedback and suggestions from the users who adopted heat maps as an essential part of their data monitoring and key performance indicator meetings.

In this release, we have optimized the heat maps in board analytics to be your go-to graph for a lot of information on the project scale as well as the graph that can tell you exactly which task cards are causing fluctuations or anomalies that might be acting as bottlenecks in your process.

The heat map allows you to click on a specific cell on the graph and generate a table of all the details of the task cards that are being counted, or accounted for, in that particular cell.

Your data will be more accurate as well! How? We’ve added the option to have the heat map track cycle time and block time for just your working hours so that your data doesn’t get skewed by nights and weekends.



If you haven’t had a chance to check out the heat maps yet, now is the time, because if they were hot before, they’re smoking hot now.

6. Choose to Activate Attributes from your Card Templates 


Templates are such a handy part of our boards, that most of us don’t even need to set up the attributes of our cards manually at all any more. However, we can create variations of the templates when applying them to particular tasks. Sometimes we want the template we call “Feature” but without a certain element such as a tag or, instead, a blank description based on the scenario.

From this release onward, a window will pop up when you apply one of your templates, that allows you to select which attributes get applied to the new cards. The default will be to load them all, but you can easily deactivate some of them to get exactly what you need during the set up process of your new card.

 7. Search Deadlines by Specific Periods of Time


Filter cards by how many days are left until their deadline in the format “deadline IS IN _ days” or how many days have passed since their deadline in the format “deadline WAS MORE THAN _ days ago”. 

Tweaking of the way the system deals with deadlines can also be seen in the runtime policies panel where you will notice that you can set definite deadlines in the format “deadline is ON the specific date”. We though this would be closer to the way we reason when we create automations for the future that consider our deadlines. We don’t count the days to our next due task but the date itself instead.

 Keep Kanbanizing!

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5 thoughts on “What’s New Version 4.15 – Monthly Product Update

  1. Darren Aitcheson

    This article doesn’t make it clear that 2FA is only available to those on the Kanban for Organizations plan.

    It strikes me as immensely stupid to not make it available to those on the Teams plan.

  2. Dimitar Karaivanov


    We will update the article to make that point clear, it’s a miss.

    On the other hand, though, I would like to ask you to keep the good tone on this blog and restrain yourself from unprofessional comments. You have the right to dislike our decisions, but this is not a constructive way to give feedback.


  3. Darren Aitcheson

    Will do – apologies for over-reacting.

    The new Trends graph is excellent, a massive time-saver. However, it seems to be missing the little ‘export’ button in the top right corner. Could that maybe be added in the next release?


  4. Jose Manuel

    I lost some time with this new feature:
    6. Choose to Activate Attributes from your Card Templates

    I usually fill the title, then the description, and then I choose a Template. I guess it is logical because of the positioning of the fields in the card. However, now after loading the template I have to select the “Title” and “Description” to preserve those values. Shouldn’t be those two fields already selected by default?
    What about positioning the “Load Template” in the corner top-left, so it is the first value to fill?

    I lost some time because I didn’t select them and applied directly, and those fields were erased and I have to rewrite then again 🙁 . Only happened me few times, but it was quite annoying.

    1. Monica Georgieff Post author

      Hi there!

      Thanks for the feedback on this new addition 🙂
      The aim here was to make the templates more flexible but the idea for a Load Template option in the corner is a good one,to prevent some confusion.
      I’ll be sure to pass it onto our development team who will take it into consideration.
      I hope your project is going well and everything is right on track with Kanbanize!




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