Top Reasons Why Companies Consider Using Kanban [Infographic]

We, at Kanbanize, have always been searching to answer the question “Why do more and more companies use Kanban?” Not just because we want to satisfy our curiosity, but because we want to find a rational explanation. So we decided to dig deeper and try to discover what are the main reasons behind the method’s popularity.

Disclaimer: The data presented in this infographic is solely based on interviews with people interested in adopting Kanbanize as their Kanban software of choice. No other data sources have been used. The data has been pseudonymized so that it cannot be correlated to a business entity or person.

It is a well-known fact that the kanban system became very popular across various industries. First invented by Taiichi Ohno, it revolutionized the automotive industry. Later, David Anderson defined Kanban for knowledge work application and it gained huge popularity across the software sector, IT operations, marketing and etc. Businesses of all types are using it.

In fact, companies that use Kanban manage to increase their overall performance and optimize resources. We’ve heard this so many times. It improves productivity, efficiency, and so on.

However, there are very few statistical facts that tell us “Why Kanban?”. Here is why we decided to conduct research among trial users what are the main reasons why a business may want to start using a Kanban board.

Combined with some other significant research, we made this infographic that summarizes the top reasons why companies consider using Kanban and the main benefits they see after implementing it.

After going through the infographic, you will acquire a better understanding of “When to use Kanban?” If you want workflow visualization? If you want to improve collaboration? Or maybe something else.

So, keep your seatbelts fastened and go through the following infographic to explore our findings.


when to use kanban

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